Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What to Wear Where: On a Plane

Welcome to What to Wear Where, the weekly link-up Amy and I dreamed up to create outfits for our everyday life events - we hope you'll join us too . . .


I know you're not going to believe me.

It's hopeless.

Given that Princess Shinylocks - a.k.a, K. Middy - is my style spirit animal, why would you believe that in fact *she* is knocking off my go-to travel outfit, versus the other way around?

OK, OK - the outfits aren't identical, but girlfriend does appear to be playing by my patented travel rules, namely:

Three Guidelines for Dressing on Planes:
1) Breathable layers, including a scarf and jacket;

2) Security line ease: shoes must be comfortable & easy to get off/on, no fussy accessories or anything to set off the metal detectors,  etc.; and

3) Dressy casual - jeans are fine so long as the look is pulled together.

This is looking a little more BRIGHT COLORS!!! online than in real life; nevertheless, think it improves with the more sedate blazer below . . .
I added sunglasses to further enhance my International Woman of Mystery allure - also, because I ran out of time this year today to do hair & makeup.

Here's the "minus one head, plus one blazer" version.

outfit details: shirt (Old Navy, old) / blazer (Zara) / pants (Gap, old, update here) / scarf (Francesca's, old) / shoes (Tory Burch, similar here) / purse (Modalu) / carry-on tote (Longchamp, old) / sunglasses (Michael Kors) / watch (Michele)

I wear some variation on this whether I'm traveling with the wee CEO or not; when I am, I add a change of shirt to that carry-on tote and am more likely to wear dark colors, all the better to hide the inevitable spills.

So how did I do - did I do spirit animal Shinylocks proud, even though she's clearly - CLEARLY - the one pulling a royal rip-off here?


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Natalie said...

Totally stealing this idea!

Carly Anne said...

Oh! The blazer - I love it so much!

(Bee) said...

Such a great idea! Love the outfits.

phiphis blog said...

this look rocks - i love the blazer and scarf layered with it.

thank you for linking up! xox P

phiphi's blog

Phoebe said...

The 3 guideline you posted are so true and very helpful when deciding what to wear the day of travel! :) Love the bright colors...make for a cheerful outfit. :) xoxo, Phoebe

Tiffany said...

Love everything about it. The scarf is a definite. In fact, I now take two in case I'm traveling to somewhere warmer or colder than where I've left from (Europeans almost always have a scarf on and I feel like I blend better if I'm ALWAYS wearing one). I also like to take a heavier one (more like a pashmina of yesteryear) for the plane, as I like to wrap myself in it if I'm cold as opposed to those wrapped-in-plastic-to-pretend-they're-new blankets on planes.

I need a new casual blazer. That is something I do not have and it's such a basic staple. For shame, Tippy.

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

@TippyL "Pashminas of Yesteryear" should be the name of our new band - deal?

Zara has some terrific casual blazers right now. It's one of those things I don't wear often, but when I need one I'm so grateful to have a good one. The one I'm wearing here feels more like a sweatshirt, which makes it basically perfect.

It's funny you mention that about the Euro scarves . . . I almost always feel underdressed over there, and a scarf is usually my magic "when in Rome" answer :-).

ms. mindless said...

I love your travel outfit. I tend to travel in maxi dresses in the summer and a short dress with leggings in the fall winter because I cannot stand to wear any pants with a button waistband while traveling. I too never travel without a scarf!

Longhorn Fashions said...

I am also a big fan of traveling with a scarf! Always duels as a pillow or shawl on the plane. Such a cute outfit and love the new blog design!

International Woman of Mystery said...

I agree, the blazer makes it, as do those *fab* bright jeans. X

LPC said...

Very well done. Kate would cheer. Especially with the blazer - great look.

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