Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What to Wear Where: A Night at the Theater

When my girl Lilly suggested she guest host a "night out at the arts" theme for What to Wear Where, I thought to myself, "What an awesome idea."

I quickly followed that thought with something like, "Um, but what do *I* know about an arts night out? I can count the number of gallery openings and such I've been to on one hand, if that hand had no fingers."

The thing is, I've yet to unearth the fine arts scene here in Austin, where you can trip over a live music set on your way out the door but have to dig deeper to find other entertainment. I believe it's here somewhere, but it isn't the obvious, thriving scene I grew up with in San Diego (which, yes, mostly has beautiful weather and people but also some decent theater and museums.)

Plus, there's that whole having a kid + finding a sitter + convincing the Anonymous Husband to see a play thing. No small task, that one (three!).

So on the rare occasion when I do get out to see something like a play, something I absolutely love to do, I have fun playing dress up. Austin isn't a decked out sort of city, however, so that dressing up tends towards something with a retro, vintage-y vibe, like this or this:

What to Wear Where: A Night at the Theater
(click on picture or link below for outfit details)

If you are wondering if I cooked up that entire outfit set to feature a clutch fashioned after one of my favorite books, the answer is - yes. Duh. #nerd

Also, I have my eye on that Target leopard coat but am weighing my desire to wear it vs. the likelihood I'd have to throw a "SETTLE DOWN, PETA - IT'S FAUX FUR" sign over it here in the People's Republic.

Whaddaya think? Any volunteers to show me where the Austin arts scene is and/or to babysit Master P while I check it out?


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If this week isn't your thing, join us next week as Amy hosts the Halloween edition on Tuesday, October 30th!


Lilly said...

The Kate Spade book clutch is my holy grail of handbags. I love how you styled it! I have also been looking at the leopard coat, hopefully I can justify it for an upcoming winter wedding. Such a cute idea to pair it with black skinny pants for an artsy date!

Thank you for all the fun! I always love Tuesdays and W2WW!

Longhorn Fashions said...

Oooohhhh I love that clutch! Great Gatsby is my all time favorite book. I am still holding out hope that I can go to a 1920s themed event sometime in the future. That top from Mod Cloth is so pretty, especially the back bow detail!

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

I purchased the leopard Target jacket and was beyond pleased. I assumed it would be too cheap to wear but it looks and feels great. But really, I cannot imagine anyone thinking it is real fur. It looks good, but not real-leopard good?!!!

Kathleen Lisson said...

I like to wear a nice dress and heels to the theater. I am so lucky that we have a thriving arts scene up here in upstate New York.

phiphis blog said...

such a fierce look! like you, i have never been to an art event/gallery or otherwise. museum events, yes. do they count? :)

i love this compilation. love!

phiphi's blog

Maigen said...

LOL! "If that hand had no fingers..." How hilarious!

I love this look! The leopard jacket might just have to come live at my house!!

:) Maigen

fauxionista.com said...

I love the bow top that you picked and the clutch is so adorable!


Kerry said...

This is such a great look for a night at the theatre in Austin! I love that clutch; I had only seen it in the Emma version before, but that gorgeous golden hue takes the cake!


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