Friday, October 12, 2012

The 10 Things Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

Is that title reminding anyone else of those grandiose magazine headlines, which promise things like "How to Be a Fulfilled Woman of Substance and a Size Zero in 3 Easy Steps?"

Ten Things Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

Me too, until I actually challenged myself to boil down what we women generally need in our closets. If I had to pick just ten items to build my wardrobe's backbone, could I do it?

The answer? Yes, I think you can focus your energies and shopping dollars on just ten items that will take you from work to play to a night out. No, really - hear me out.

I'm not saying these are the *only* things you want - a quick glance at my jewelry drawer would tell you otherwise - but if pressed to focus my shopping firepower on a limited number of things, here's what I'd do:

Ten Classics Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

Ten Classics Every Woman Needs in Her Closet by legallyblondemel featuring white pearl earrings
(click on picture or link above for details)

clockwise from left:

- Pearl studs: if you're just not a pearl girl, diamonds or good CZs are fine - keep them tasteful in size if you're wearing them to work and know some old biddies don't like 'em for daytime.
- Classic coat: yes, even here in DeathHellHeat Texas, where we wear coats twice year - when you need one, you *need* one.
- Blazer in the best neutral for you
- Sailor tee: yes, it's total Mom-o-Flage - but for good reason.
- Dress in the best neutral & cut for you: feel free to resist the LBD hegemony; some of us don't look our best in black, and they won't kick you out of the funeral or office for navy.
- All-around tote
- Dark-rinse jeans, tailored, in a non-extreme cut: denim trends change like the weather; that being said, your best bet is conservative wash + best cut for you + tailored to fit perfectly.
- Neutral heel
- Neutral flat
- Classic watch: leather, silver, or gold straps are fine; keep bedazzled faces for nighttime (if ever).

(Honorable Mentions: aviator sunglasses and a wildly impractical pair of just-because heels)

Some of the pictured items are spendier than I usually get here (or anywhere else), but I include them as Platonic ideal sorts of examples. Of course, I'm a fan of spending what makes sense for your budget; on the flip side, I also take a long-term view of these pieces, looking to slowly accumulate the best I can afford over time.

How did I do - would you add anything to this Top 10? What's in your must-have closet? 


Mrs. Type A said...

I'd say a pair of sandals, preferably some metallic jack rogers. I have a silver pair that I wear with literally everything from like May until October. They can go from casual day at the office, to a bbq, to a wedding, and be appropriate in all instances.

Mommy Mandy said...

I love this! I'm so bad about getting classic pieces. I'm defintely going to start building it up more!

The Preppy Princess said...

This is *so* good! The way you wrote it is fabulous, "Blazer in the best neutral for you" as opposed to mandating a color like so many style guides do. Really (*really*) well done. My only addition is a good pair of khaki or grey flannel (for me) dress pants that can transcend almost any situation/circumstance. But that's just my lifestyle. :)

AEOT said...

I would definitely add a pearl necklace. I couldn't survive without all of mine (I have over 10). I also agree with PP- khacki pants are a necessity. Otherwise, the above list is spot on. I have a penchant for navy anything, so I love that the dress is navy and not the standard black (though i do own quite of few of those too!)

have a wonderful weekend!!

Natalie said...


Belle on Heels said...

Me likey. I would add in a pair of good wool/wool-blend/something fancy dress pants in neutral of choice. And a pencil skirt. But I realize that those may not be top-ten items for ladies not in the corporate world. I just know that if I didn't have either of those 2 items, I would probably end up bottomless at work most days.

phiphis blog said...

love the new design!!

this is a great list. love everything you've outlined!

xox P

phiphi's blog

mWm said...

my ten would be
1. rainbow flip flops
2. uggs
3. denim shorts (jorts)
4. muffin top mom-o-flage tops
5. oversized sunglasses
6. LV neverfull
7. LLL wunder unders
8. LLL in stride jacket
9. good pair of jeans
10. long sleeve shift dress

can you tell i am a fashion challenged california hippie girl? i should probably have thrown in the obligatory "save the whales tee"

Nat said...

I totally agree! I think I have all of these except for a classy neutral dress

PS- Love the new blog look!

Sara said...

I would only add a really good fitting pair of slacks. And, by good fitting, I also mean hemmed to a proper length for the shoes you wear with them. So often I see women in the office with pants that are too long and drag the ground.

Kate said...

Love your list. I am still looking for a great blazer. I agree about the jeans-have to go with what is most flattering, not trendy (sometimes it is both but not always). I would like to add more neutrals to my closet. I am looking for a pair of nude heels for the rare occasion I wear heels

Anonymous said...

Love the new look of the blog!

Sarah said...

Great list! I would maybe add a white button-down shirt. Also, I agree with the LLL winder unders, tongue only slightly in cheek. :)

Rose said...

Must haves are black sweaters/cardigans, white tees, black dress.

Helene said...

I agree with what you have in your closet! love it. Always have to have a pair of slacks, a white button up and a tailored dress. Love it!

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ms. mindless said...

I would add a white oxford shirt and a white blouse of the dressier variety.

I agree that black is not always the best neutral for all! The LBD looks terrible on some women because black is so harsh, especially on very fair blondes. I can wear black well, but find myself preferring navy dresses to black.

[dianegatorfan] said...

I love all of these! But I would probably die without a pencil skirt.

And I showed my hubby the medium LV Neverfull in that pattern - I think he had a mini-heart attack. I don't really NEED it, but it would really be a classic piece I could have for a lifetime!

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