Monday, October 1, 2012

Reader Request: What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Hey! I'm back from a quiet family weekend to bring you "Reader Request", where I occasionally throw together an outfit under the pretense that I know what I'm doing. Check out some recent ones here and here; if you have a request, feel free to drop me a line at ipickpretty AT gmail.


The Outfit: something appropriate for a morning wedding & lunch reception, with a budget of $150. The wedding is in D.C. in October, which presents the delightful weather challenge of either being 80 degrees, 40 degrees, and/or somewhere in between. 

The reader - more on her in a sec - says she's covered outfit-wise if the weather swings hot but was wondering if she could do a fancy top and black pants otherwise (hint: no). She doesn't love pantyhose or uncomfortable shoes but will consider them if forced.

The Reader: Lisa, my blog buddy over at Trapped in North Jersey, is a Jersey girl turned retired lawyer and recent Southern California resident (holla!). A mother of three, Lisa writes about her family and interior design; she has a fantastic eye for color and pattern, with that mix of contemporary and traditional I adore.

I wanted to take that adventurous design spirit and apply it to her clothes, where I suspect she's a little more conservative. I worked to keep it wedding appropriate while avoiding the dread style vortex of Black Pants As Fancy Attire, which are like fashion fast food - a convenient answer, but rarely the best long-term one . . . 

. . . maybe it's the retired lawyer in me - my nightmares often feature sensible black suits - but I checked my bias with some DC pretties, and the consensus was - no to the black pants, yes to a dress plus layers in case there's extreme temperatures or indoor heating.

Like me, she's one size on top and another on bottom, so my mind immediately went to a hip-skimming a-line dress with a belt to emphasize the waist.

Instead of just basic black, how about some fall color mixed with the more modern - and usually more flattering - grey?

Reader Request: What to Wear for a Fall Wedding
(click on picture or link below for outfit details)

I picked these embellished flats for comfort seeking Lisa, since I think that works for a morning wedding, though my stilletto-loving heart would sing if she considered these patent stacked heels too.

Should the weather turn chilly, I'd go the much cuter tights route vs. pantyhose, regardless of what our girl Princess Shinylocks is forced to wear. Sorry, K. Middy, but we aren't going to copy your every style move just most of them.

For style blogger extra credit I might sub in a cobalt blue piece or two here - how fun would that be with that grey and orange? - but I didn't want to scare Lisa away with too much CRAZYPANTS COLOR OVERLOAD ZOMG.

Also, yes - the sum total of the outfit above is above the $150 budget, but I figured I'd find a sub-$100 dress and give Lisa some fun accessorizing ideas across the spectrum. Plus, I couldn't bear to say no to those shoes; after all, a well-made shoe or bag usually elevates the look of a budget outfit, so that's usually where I put my wardrobe dollars. (*end contradiction*)

How did I do - is this fall wedding festive? Which one of you wants to send me those shoes?


Mrs. Type A said...

Love the dress and the earrings!

Amanda Cobb said...

Love that dress! Definitely a better option than the black dress pants.

{Jessica} said...

Love this look! Especially the chain cuff. So pretty. And perfect for fall. Well done, Pretty:)

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

Thank you! I have ordered the dress! I also ordered it in plain solid red, for comparison purposes. :-) Thank you so much for doing this for me!

Last night my husband asked me what I was wearing to his company's formal ball in December. Uh....say what? I may come back to you for more advice, because my instinct is to go to the mother of the bride section at Talbots.

Meredith Kallaher said...

Super cute and I love the fancy black pants to fashion fast food comparison... so true!

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