Monday, October 22, 2012

Peter Pan

It's the unicorn of fashion, isn't it, when you already own something that magically becomes capital "T" Trendy?

I'm enjoying this rare feeling now with the Peter Pan collar trend, a look that's right in my style wheelhouse - does it look primly feminine? Vaguely reminiscent of a school uniform? Then I probably like it, and this is no exception; my version is via an old consignment find, this Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt:

It's a tricky look, I think, and not one made for all body types or situations - ye of big chesticles and/or stuffy professional office settings *cough*law firms*cough*, I'd tread carefully with this girly-girl look. 

Aren't I just a natural in front of the camera? Can you see by my completely relaxed posture and grimace grin why our photographer reminded me to take a (non-photographic) shot before our Christmas card shoot next weekend? (love you, Z!)

Ahem. Moving on to the details:

(Yes, yes - mama needs to make time for an at-home mani.)
I like how the shirt details make this a little less twee - think the non-pink colorblocking and the exposed zipper help balance out my frilly collar & cameo:

Mildly Relevant Sidebar: why am I wearing short sleeves and cuffed jeans in fall, you might be asking? Take it up with Texas, where it was a balmy 90 degrees yesterday. COME TO MAMA, FALL!

outfit details: shirt (vintage Marc by Marc Jacobs) / jeans (Citizens of Humanity) / ring (old Francesca's) / watch (old Coach) / purse (Modalu) / flats (Toms) / sunglasses (old O by Oscar de la Renta)

What do you think - are you on board with this Peter Pan look?  Is that the most taxing question you have to answer this Monday? Here's hoping yes . . .


For those of you participating tomorrow in What to Wear Where, "A Night Out at the Arts" edition (theater, gallery openings, Kardashian viewings, etc.), Miss Lilly will be hosting that link-up party. See you there!


Mrs. Type A said...

I've loved some of the tops I've seen online recently with a sparkly peter pan collar and think they'd look great for dinner out this fall or winter...but I'm worried it's SO trendy that it's not even worth it. Can't decide!

Tippy said...

I love Peter Pan collars, but I think it's something one wouldn't want a lot of. I also love your cameo ring. Reminds me of a brooch my mom wore back in the day. Also, you have 2 Modalu bags? Nice!

phiphis blog said...

i love this - just amazing with the colour scheme, cut and peter pan collar! you look so chic.

xox P

Kate said...

I have two peter pan collar tops from past seasons. Glad I kept them!

Love this blue one!

Helene said...

Oh that's cute. And I'm in TX too, too hot for words.

CHAS said...

My chesticles don't allow for some of the cute ones I've seen, but I'd love something sparkly for holiday parties.

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Love your unicorn metaphor! I have a few pieces I am trying to decide whether or not they will ever come back (or if I should wear regardless!) I adore this top on you, but definitely thought, that would look horrible on me! I think we would make good shopping partners because we wouldn't have many things to fight over ;)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

so I totally wouldn't be able to rock this look, but I kind of love it. The girl on Hart of Dixie can rock a mean Peter Pan collar and I'm always so jealous. Such a cute look!

amanda van horn said...

great top, great ring, great biceps, holy mother of god. it's fun to read grown up MC.

much love


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