Monday, October 15, 2012

Obligatory Fall Family Photos

'Twas a typically "fall*", Austin-y weekend here at Pretty HQ, full of ACL, football (can I get an "ouch" from the Texas crowd?), and obligatory Smug Family photos.

*"Fall" is in quotes because it's still most people's definition of deathhellheat here. Texas fall is so adorable - the second temperatures drop below, say, 85 degrees, we Austinites pull out our wooliest scarves and boots and do our sweltering best to pretend that cooler temperatures are coming, damn it.

And while I'd love to bring you an ACL-inspired post about festival fashion, I just can't muster the enthusiasm to discuss Pocohontas-style headbands and midriff baring tops circa Kelly Taylor 1992. It was bad enough when we actually wore those in 1992, and . . . uh, where was I going with this old lady rant again? Hmm . . .

Instead you get family photos at the pumpkin patch - YESSSSSS - because I wised up after last year's Great Pumpkin Chase Across the Scenic Farm Waaaay Outside of Town and Why Did I Do This Again? debacle. This year, I came armed with (a) a spouse / extra set of arms; (b) my big-shot camera; and (c) a fenced-in patch near our home.

Oh, and I think there were pumpkins too, but clearly the point was to provide a photo op:

Will it surprise you to learn that a certain two-year-old insisted on selecting and carrying (attempting to carry) his own "PUNKIN, PUNKIN"?

Forget the PUNKIN, PUNKINS - you can tell it's fall in our family photos by the football-themed attire. By Christmas card photo time there are usually threats involved about wearing civilian clothes.

The photo posing portion of the program didn't last long, however . . . notice anyone missing from this next one?

Instead the wee CEO focused on gathering more PUNKIN, PUNKINS . . . 

. . . someone was so enamored of his pumpkin patch visit that he slept with this miniature PUNKIN, PUNKIN last night.

It was a good "fall" weekend here - how was yours? Any PUNKINS?


Don't forget tomorrow is What to Wear Where, Date Night edition; I'm hosting here, so please come back and link up with your outfit ideas. Pretty please?


ms. mindless said...

I LOVE pumpkin patch trips. I am going to a 6th birthday party on Saturday at a pumpkin patch and I think I'm more excited than the kids.

When I was a teacher, that was my favorite field trip! I was a stickler about pumpkin size. One had to be able to carry one's own pumpkin without any assistance. A very important rule with overzealous 1st graders :)

mWm said...

master p is too cute!
just posted our pumpkin patch trip this morning! it's crazy to look back at the pictures from last year and see how much SG has changed. now if southern california would just get the memo that fall is here...88* is not ok

Katie said...

Too cute! My little 3 year old carried his pumpkin around all day after we went.

Legally Fabulous said...

I've got a good picture of my punkin with a punkin to blog tomorrow! ;)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I just died at the picture of the AH by himself in the face in hole prop. So something that would happen around here.

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