Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cute-ify-ing Your Toddler's Lunch

When you picture a group of playgroup moms chatting while their wee ones run around, you imagine heated discussions about who's sleeping with the yard man and such, right?

Sadly, I'm here to tell you that is (usually) not the case. I can't speak for the yard man, but what *we* talk about often has to do with whatever kid phase we're in - for me and my friends, that's sending our toddlers to school for the first time and the logistics of how to make that happen, lunch included.

Here's what I'm not here to tell you: what to pack in said child's lunch. I'm no nutritionist, unless you consider champagne a food group. Besides, this is the idiot who served non-organic, processed fruit strips at a recent playgroup; I might as well have laid a pack of unfiltered cigarettes on the table. Plus, isn't that why Pinterest exists - to shame you into crafting intricate train shaped sandwich topiaries for your wee one's lunch?

What I can speak to, however, is how to make your tot's lunch not sear your eyeballs with its cartoon character plastic awfulness.

Don't get me wrong - I'm fully aware that cartoon character plastic awfulness (is CCPA a disease yet?) will be here at Pretty HQ soon. Until the wee CEO figures that out, however, here's the best of the lunch bunch - with bonus green points for reusable stuff!  Aren't I sooo eco?

(What, you knew I was accessories obsessed - you didn't think that would translate to my toddler's stuff too?!)

My mantra when it comes to kid's lunch stuff (and clothes, actually): "If I can't throw it in the washing machine, I shouldn't buy it."

details: lunch sack (Skip Hop) / sippy cup (Two Southern Chicks) (thanks for the tip, Z) / reusable sandwich bags (Itzy Ritzy - thanks to friend Tippy! - and Lunchskins) / mini tupperware (OXO)

When these go, I'm eyeing this bento box and these bags for replacements - assuming I get a say in the matter, which is looking unlikely given the current You're Not The Boss of Me!!! toddler administration.

What nifty lunch things have you found for your tot?


Meg said...

I have the whale bag for my mood swings meds(Dove promises)

Plantet Lunch Box is my next meal carrying contraption.
I just want Grammy to give it to my kids. $$

Lilly said...

your crunchy, childless friend Lilly carries her carrot sticks to wrok each day in a crab print lunchskins. and apparently speaks in the third person. it's fine.


mWm said...

you passed out non-organic fruit snacks? the horror!!
gotta run... i have personalized sippy cups to order!

The Macons said...

Oh I made the cutest yesterday but MAN bento takes some time, and this wasn't even a big deal. Here is a link to last nights dinner!

Hima said...

That's so absolutely adorable! My brother has the snack pack thing (I know, I'm incredibly eloquent), and I think my journalism teacher (who is what, 25?) has the same lunchbox as an owl :)


International Woman of Mystery said...

I have no tot to pack for, but I would love to take the monkey bag to work for my lunch and perhaps a monogrammed sippy cup (oh mel!) for my coke zero addiction. x

The Southern Contessa said...

Sadly, I may have to refrain from reading your delightful blog at work in the future - I may or may not have spit part of my lunch on the desk when I read the line about "train shaped sandwich topiaries for your wee one's lunch." I also had to do the walk of shame into preschool this morning with my 2 year old's lunch box containing half a slice of leftover pizza (although to my credit, there was fruit in there) because Mommy hasn't made it to the grocery store to buy the necessary ingrediants for sandwich topiaries.

Tiffany said...

I'm just now seeing this post! I love the monkey Skip Hop lunch box. Caroline carries the owl Skip Hop lunch box with matchy-matchy Skip Hop owl backpack. It's too cute for words.

This might make you happy. For years now Grant has carried a Lego lunch box (it actually looks like a Lego brick). And now he is 10 years old and in grade 4 and just last month asked me to get him a "plain navy blue lunch box" because someone made fun of his Lego lunch box. So just remember by age 10, Wee CEO will come full circle from the character lunchboxes back to tasteful.

I'm sure you're going to sleep much better tonight, knowing this.


Kate said...

Skip Hop makes great products! Those whale bags are too cute. I want to use them for my lunch.

I would love to see a post on what you pack in Master P's lunch. I have the most trouble with toddler lunch. I always get stuck and do the same 3 things

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