Monday, October 29, 2012

A Pretty in Pink Sprinkle

Hello again . . . and welcome to I Pick Pretty, girly girl edition, in which I show you the pink, frilly details sprinkle I co-hosted last weekend for one of my dear friends - who also happens to be our family photographer and mother to one of Master P's future wives. Convenient, eh?

This isn't usually a party planning sort of blog, but it's Monday - we could use some Pretties, right? Right:

Here's what our guests saw as they entered Pretty HQ - anyone recognize the fancy IKEA easel? 

How does the saying go - "I brunch, therefore I mimosa?" Something like that.

Thanks to Simply Sweet, my go-to peeps for festive baked goods (as if there were any other kind); the guest of honor, who has an incredible eye for little party details, made those "Ready to pop!" cupcake toppers.

I bought that chevron runner you see there & was happy how it played off the pink and orange flowers . . . 

Notice how I only remembered to snap photos of the champagne and the cupcakes? That tells you a lot about my priorities, but it isn't the whole menu story. Thank goodness the mom-to-be / photographer snapped some of the Pretty details:

photo credit: ziem photography
There's my awesome co-host, who clearly has a hidden talent for game show hostessing . . .

photo credit: ziem photography

photo credit: ziem photography

Here's what we served:

mini-yogurts with granola ("mini" makes everything cuter, even granola)
assorted bagels with cream cheese
spinach and bacon quiche
macarons with lemon buttercream frosting
rice krispy pops
vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing

photo credit: ziem photography
photo credit: ziem photography
Get it - the "pops" for the mom who is about to pop? This was yet another pun-tastic detail provided by Z herself. 

photo credit: ziem photography

And here are our guests, gorgeous mama-to-be included. These are some of my Mommy Mafia playgroup homies; you'd be hard pressed to find a kinder, more supportive, and irritatingly pretty bunch.


My girl Amy, who would totally be in my mom gang if not for the pesky fact that she lives a few states away, is hosting What to Wear Where, Halloween edition, tomorrow. I've got Stuff going on this week & am taking it easy on social media, tomorrow included, but please hop on over to Amy's and link-up!


The Shabby Princess said...

Hi, I love your front door.

And you, whatever ;)

Melissa said...

I will admit to lingering over the champagne photos a bit too long....

Whitney of Washington said...

What a beautiful event! I love all the details!

Tiffany said...

It all looks perfect - so pretty. Your home's entrance is gorgeous!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Yes, I would like a mimosa now please :) How cute is your mommy mafia? Good work! I only have kids birthday parties to attend in the near future, which aren't nearly as fun as bubbly baby showers!

Anna said...

This looks perfect! I love the chevron runner and the mini-yogurts are cute!

phiphis blog said...

this is such a beautiful sprinkle - great job, melissa! you make a perfect hostess!

phiphi's blog

[dianegatorfan] said...

Ok, so you don't party plan? Well you should! This is so adorable! Just right, not over the top but beautiful in all the details. LOVE.

And your front door/entry is amazing!! So so gorgeous!

LPC said...

Completely cute! And those Rice Krispy pops are the bomb.

I don't even LIKE girly frilly stuff that much, but your party is so good I can't help it.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Hi Melissa, I found you through Phi Phi and just had to say I love this very pretty spread. Oh what I'd for for some cute cupcakes and that gorgeous quiche!
Not all of us can plan such a lovely shindig so thanks for the inspiration!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Emily said...

I love your front door!

And that picture of you is gorgeous. Great party, lady!

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