Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What to Wear Where: Transition to Fall Fashion

Welcome to What to Wear Wear - *jazz hands* - a weekly link-up in which we get together to brainstorm outfits for events actually happening in our lives.


Oh, the #firstworldfashionproblems of it all - what to do when you live in a place where cooler fall temperatures just can't arrive quickly enough? When fall colors couldn't look worse on your (pasty) complexion?

I'm here to tell you it can be done - at least, I'm trying here in deathhellheat Austin. Since our version of "fall" involves temperatures in the mid-80 degree range, I focus more on shifting the color scheme of my clothes versus the clothes themselves.

Since traditional fall colors - those orangey reds and olive greens - couldn't look worse with my (again, pasty) coloring, I incorporate them in accessories and clothes that aren't next to my face. I also play a little fast and loose with the traditional colors - who says pink, which I love with a strong orange, can't work for fall?

Here was my "running errands with the wee CEO" fall getup from yesterday:

Apparently this pretending to be a style blogger thing is so exhausting, I fell asleep mid-shoot? At least the bag is shielding us from the leg pastiness . . .
That burnt orange is a bit of foreshadowing for next week's What to Wear Where football tailgate fashion (note to those outside of Texas/the South: this isn't an oxymoron) . . .

. . . AACK, are you blind yet?! I'm just found a free photo editing site that can actually add a tan *and* subtract 10 pounds; obviously I'm working to implement that as fast as humanly possible.
My old reliables - Modalu and TOMS have served me well, though I'm still shocked to hear myself say the latter bit. In ballet flats we trust.

outfit details: chambray shirt (Zara, on sale!) / tank (Costco, in store ) / shorts (Old Navy, on sale - thanks, Amy, for the ON tip!) / necklace (old Banana Republic) / sunglasses (Michael Kors) / watch (Michael Kors - yes, again, zzzz) / shoes (TOMS - these run huge, go at least one full size down) / bag (Modalu)

What do you think - have I sold you on fall shorts (not to be confused with "formal shorts", another problem for a different day) yet?


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Remember if you can't make it this week for W2WW, we have a new link-up every Tuesday - here's what the next month looks like:

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Tuesday, October 16th: date night (hosted by me)


Sweet, Pink and Preppy said...

My post I did today isn't necessarily about transition pieces but it is about two great fall colors so I'm going to link it up! Happy Tuesday!!

Shannon Dew said...

ahhh my post today totally ties in with this! so happy to be able to link up, finally! I think you rock this outfit, like whoa! i love those shorts and that purse is amazing. enough said.

Minted Glam said...

My post today is about some of my favorite fall items! Love your blog!



Kwana said...

Lovely. You've sold me on the shorts though I could never pull them off.

Brittney said...

Love the outfit! I totally have the Modalu bag on my birthday wishlist. I promise to get my act together one of these weeks and post. Unfortunately today's mom-a-form of yoga pants and ponytail isn't going to inspire anyone! :)

Longhorn Fashions said...

love love love those polka dot shorts! I need to go to the nearest Old Navy ASAP. Such a cute outfit! And thank you for hosting this fun link up!

For All Things Lovely said...

Love your blog, so glad I found it! I'll definitely be doing some of your fun link ups soon! Newest follower. :) xx.


For All Things Lovely said...

Love your blog, so glad I found it! I'll definitely be doing some of your fun link ups soon! Newest follower. :) xx.


Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Hello fellow pale sister :) I realized the other day that I was not doubt the palest person in my fitness class. Anyway, I also keep reaching for my polka dot shorts for the hotter days, but thankfully we've gotten some relief here...hope it comes soon for you.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

You are the cutest thing ever. And if you lose ten pounds, you will not be seen so no. Don't do that skinny girl.

Those shorts are too cute. I'm not usually a polka dot fan but I've been drawn to them more than usual lately. If you had those in Bulldog red it would be even better! ;)

phiphis blog said...

you look fabulous melissa - i really love how you styled the chambray blouse. the flats are adorable!

sorry for my delayed link up - travel jet lag hazy brain!

xox P


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