Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What to Wear Where: Family Photos

Welcome back to What to Wear Where - see last week's challenge here. No, really. Please?


There comes that special time of year in each Smug Mummy's life when the calendar passes Labor Day, and the more OCD amongst us starts thinking about - dum dum DUM - holiday cards.

You know, those socially sanctioned Smug opportunities to show off just how gifted & talented you & your family are, all for the price of a Tiny Prints purchase and a stamp. 

Or, um, maybe you just want to take some nice photos as a family. That's also, you know, perfectly fine and all, if a little mysterious. 

Whatever my murky motivations, we Pretties have our holiday card photo shoot scheduled for late October, so my outfit today is of the Polyvore, plan-ahead variety. As in, Austin weather is usually still in the 80 degree range then, so the scarves-and-boots version of fall many of you enjoy won't quite have hit here yet. Anywhoo, selecting outfits cool enough for Texas heat yet wintry enough to signal "Smug Christmas Card" was my challenge here.

(Bitterness Sidebar: I'm bitter at you, Corporate America, for sending me umpty million clothing catalogues full of people blissfully romping around in yak-lined fleeces and snow. It was 102 degrees here yesterday. Stick *that* in your Pumpkin Spice Latte, J. Crew. Ahem.)

(Materialism Sidebar: The outfits below are approximations, so be ye not afraid that I'm actually putting my kid in pricey boat shoes, for example. Mama has a budget, plus I love a good consignment sale.)

what to wear where: the family photo

what to wear where: the family photo by legallyblondemel featuring animal print flats

(click on photo for links to specific items)

I'm a fan of the "match but don't be identical" theory of family photography, and I also like something holiday-ish in our holiday card photos - hence the red - without going the full-on Mrs. Claus route. This also isn't the time we get too trendy in our outfits, as you can see; I'm trying to keep my photographer friend's wardrobe tips in mind.

Also, to file under "Lessons Learned from Previous Family Photo Sessions": (1) thy skirt shall be long enough to grab thy son from certain death via nearby pond; and (2) thou shalt wear flats, see (1).

What do you think - does this scream, "We're much happier and more organically fed than you - happy holidays!"

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- Tuesday, September 11th: girls' night out

- Tuesday, September 18th: transition to fall

- (NEW AND OH SO EXCITING) Tuesday, September 25th: tailgate pretty


Heather said...

I adore this combo.

We only plan on babies of the Labrador variety, and my beau is dreadfully camera shy. Sometimes I wish our holiday cards weren't quite so... "Hey, here's how cute our dogs were this year!", but then I think of things like "we want to match without looking like we planned it" and "saving toddlers from drowning" and I'm really happy to upload the umpteenth dog photo. ;)

Sara said...

Love. We've got a photo shoot planned for October as well and I have zero clue what to wear. Love the red and blues. I completely forgot about using this for Christmas cards! I have so many new mommy tricks to learn!

Rhiannon said...

That dress is DARLING.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

such perfect picks! and your little boy pick makes me want a young man child stat!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

That rugby shirt is some kind of cute! Smart thinking on incorporating the red...I always pick outfits and then struggle to pick a card design that matches.

Emily said...

I love the dress and AH's potential shirt.

I have looked high and low and for the life of me cannot find a pair of leopard ballet flats in my size that I like. If I weren't looking for them, they would be everywhere. Those are cute!

Sarah said...

Love it! Good choices for being coordinated but not overly matchy- I'm big on that too.

TCP said...

We're planning a family photo session this fall (a birthday gift to me, as Mr TC never consents to the whole family photo, preferring the minis-only variety). So I'm obsessing about what to wear, and you've inspired me to start a pinterest board. Natch.

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

Love your preppy combo! I'm think you could have your pics taken with a yacht in the background and it would look just perfect. It doesn't have to be YOUR yacht. Though your Christmas card only friends would certainly wonder. How's that for smug?!

www.thewowie.com said...

I agree with your short dress comment. We recently had family photos for our church directory. When we looked at the previews, there was a little too much of mama's upper thigh showing. I expressed my concern to the photographer and he assured me that my legs would be cropped out of the photo. Got a copy of the crotch shot in the mail yesterday. Pretty sure there will be a special prayer meeting for the family on page 27.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Oh, it all all so cute! Can't wait to see the pics! Y'all will look so cute :) And hope it cools down for you soon!

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