Friday, September 21, 2012

Update to the Monogrammed Necklace Trend

Subtitle: "My Hardcore Thug Life of Personalizing Everything in Sight"

Naturally Miss Pretty here was excited at this latest wave of monogram mania - more on the acrylic necklace thing in a second - until I started wondering if these brightly colored monograms were a bit too in-your-face?

Like the old Bottega Venetta ad says, I generally believe my own initials are enough versus some other brand logo splashed across my bag* / iPhone case / etc. (*cough*Coach*cough* - you're also under suspicion, Mr. Kors). Do we really need to be showing our initials off at every opportunity, though? Isn't that showiness totally opposed to the conservative stuffy tradition from which this trend originated?

*Aside from my Church of Burch problem (real) and LV problem (imaginary, alas). It's my blog, and I'll flagrantly contradict myself if I want to. Ahem.

Maybe, but like any preppish sort worth her Tory Burch gang signs, I quickly moved past the questioning phase and onto acceptance. After all, as my girl Phi Phi might say, classic with a twist is my deal. And so I've come on board with this monogrammed necklace trend, particularly when these more affordable, colorful versions started popping up recently:

personalized pretty: the monogrammed necklace trend
(click on picture or link below to see details)

As soon as my shopping budget allows, I'll snap up that tortoiseshell one (and maybe the aqua one, and I also really like the twist with that pink one . . .).

Merry weekend to you all, by the way . . . after a busy blog conference weekend, we're enjoying a quiet one here with my visiting brother and some college football watching, neither of which particularly lend themselves to discussing monogrammed necklaces (boo). More on that & some Master P fun amidst all this style stuff next week.

But back to the matter at hand - do you think this trend is too fun, or is it a step too prep?


Desiree Lynn said...

These pretties are now on my wish list. The hubs will be thrilled I'm sure.

AEOT said...

I think tortise shell anything is perfectly appropriate. I have a lovely large silver monogrammed necklace inside a circle that I wear all the time as well as a gold locket that's monogrammed that I also wear very regularly. I don't think the acrylic ones are for me b/c I have the other two and wear them sooo frequently that it's just not where my $$ is well spent. However, I think they're cute and fun, so worth it if you're going to get quite a few wears out of them!!

Carly Anne said...

The tortoiseshell is seriously fabulous.

Janna said...

The tortoiseshell color is on my birthday wishlist- love it!

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