Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fun Things to Do in San Diego

I could go on and on about how homesick I am for sunny San Diego, how someday I'll figure out how to travel there and actually manage to see everyone I'd planned to visit, how someday I'll get over the vision of the life I might have had there for the generally excellent one I have here . . .

. . . instead, I'm going to inundate you with MORE FAMILY PHOTOS - yes!!! - of our trip there earlier this month, as well as some must-see spots if you're planning a San Diego trip, particularly with littles. Speaking of wee ones, I have a post cooking on traveling with two-year-olds - now there's a phrase to dread if I ever saw one - just as soon as I stop feeling sorry for myself. So, sometime in 2014.


Anywhoo, having rented a bungalow in charming Del Mar for a week, with the dual duties of family time and the coolest wedding week everrrrrrr of one of my bestest best friends, we set about visiting the following.

I can't sufficiently explain the joy that was reliving these hometown favorites through my wee CEO's young eyes - despite the pain of toddler travel, alternately fussy / sick kid included - so I'm going to let a MILLION BILLION photos do the talking for me. You're welcome!

The Beach

Yes, I'm reusing photos here - you're welcome again!

The Zoo (scene of a certain someone's epic Terrible Two-Fest - also, pandas!!!)

the only - and I do mean only - moment of non-tantrum horror on this trip

The U.S.S. Midway (e.g., little boy heaven)

During the second half of the week, mama got to check out two other favorites as part of the Best Wedding Everrrrr (and I'm not just saying that because my dear bridely BFF reads this here drivel . . .)

La Costa Resort & Spa

Next time I promise less boo-hooing family photo hell and more substance. Probably. Maybe. I'll give it a shot?


Kendall said...

Aw my home (and current) town. Love San Diego ! Hope you had a great time with the fam. Love seeing your pics!

Belle on Heels said...

I HEART San Diego. The zoo is totally my happy place. And I had some of the best gelato EVER on Del Mar. M has never been, so I'm dying to get him out there!

Rhi said...

We got engaged in Del Mar and had dinner afterward right across the street from the race track. MEMORIES!

The Mrs. said...

La Costa is on my list! I must go!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I'd love to make it to SD one mom was born/raised there until high school, so I have a bit of California girl in me. Sadly I have no family left out there, but I'm thinking I might like it more that San Fransisco, which is the only city I've visited in CA.

Emily said...

You had me at spa, which sounds divine right now. We are headed to SFO in a couple of months, but I would love to go to San Diego someday. I hear it's truly picturesque!

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