Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Un-Labor Day

Exactly two years ago - how's that for timing? - your humble blogger here fled the dread practice of law to focus on a life more like this:

What, you hit the ball with the other end of the bat? How conventional of you.

And so I give you my second annual wishes for an excellent Un-Labor Day, a tradition started by one of my best friends & me to mark our respective retirements.

Obviously "Un-Labor" is a complete misnomer because, as idyllic as the above Normal Rockwell scene may appear, there's more than a little labor involved in this mom life. Way more than I'd anticipated, to be honest. Like, waaaay.

Not that there isn't just as much in the Cheerfully Child-Free life or any other path, of course (of course). You know what I'm saying. We all work hard and do the best we can. Most of the time.

Oh, sweet Neiman Marcus . . . let's just leave it at Happy Un-Labor Day before I accidentally stir up the Mama Drama. Hope you're having a wonderful one, and I look forward to seeing y'all tomorrow for our second W2WW style invitational.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

Mama drama stirrer ;)

Happy (un)Labor Day!!! I love that top picture!

Kwana said...

Belated Happy Un-Labor day and wow time is flying. He is so big and cute and I now just feel old-er.

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Labor indeed! I love the world of un-labor, but it is definitely hard work earning wages in hugs and tantrums :)

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