Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Victory in Defeat

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It was one of those days.

I just couldn't win with Master P yesterday morning. No request was too small for him to pitch an epic power struggle over, in classic Two (forget what I said here) form. I could have used a suit of armor (pink, of course) to protect me from the flailing arms and legs tantrum-ing throughout our morning.

By lunchtime - a meal out with friends we had to leave due to yet another tantrum - I was exhausted and out of ideas. I'd tried timeouts and bribes and negotiations and prayer, I checked his temperature to see if a fever or demonic possession was to blame, all to no avail. My inner French parent was rioting, inelegantly screaming, "NON NON NON" in time with the wee CEO's "NO NO NO". I wanted to cry, Master P was crying . . . we were a hot mess.

Up a tree, up a creek . . . whatever metaphor you use, we were a mess.

Then I did something I hadn't done since Master P was but a wee newborn. Utterly spent and seeing that we both badly needed a break, I scooped him up and deposited him in his crib, thinking I'd return in ten minutes after taking a few deep, cleansing breaths shots.

And . . . . then he fell asleep. Turns out he's still adjusting to the time change from our California adventure and, duh, needed a nap (hallelujah!).

I had to laugh, or did once I got that much needed cry out of my system - after all, laughter through tears is my favorite emotion (name that movie!).  How often do I learn (and forget, and re-learn . . .) this lesson, that only through surrender, through admitting that I'm out of ideas and strength and just need a break already, has the right answer appeared, even if - often - despite myself?

From religion to relationships, from careers to child rearing, I've experienced this time and again  . . . once I give up the notion of having The Right Answers myself and step away for clarity, sure enough the solution usually makes itself apparent. It's not always as swift as it was yesterday, of course, but - sometimes there's victory in an apparent defeat, isn't there?

Here's to naps and epiphanies, in whichever order they may come your way. Forever and ever, amen.


Anyone else care to share a similar tale here? Advice for our Twos of Great Terror set?


Rachelle said...

Poor darling Master P. K started a new classroom at daycare on Monday and its definitely affected her. She's our same happy baby in the morning, but back home in the evening - fits and temper and previews of what future meltdowns will be like. They're such martyrs to their schedules, aren't they.

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

I swear that as soon as I think I've got something "figured out," the universe slaps me in the face with a big "better luck next time."

We're just entering the tantrum stage, but ooooh boy. Heaven forbid my dear toddler be asked to do something he doesn't want to do (sit in his high chair, what?).

I hope your day went better today!

Natalie said...

I'm way behind as jack is just 6 weeks, but boy have we been having a time Too!

Anonymous said...

You are a wise and patient momma. Steel Magnolia's of course!

[diane] said...

Sometimes it takes an epiphany to figure out these creatures, our two-year-olds. Because most times logic just doesn't make sense! You're fed, clothed, loved - what else do you want? What did I miss??

God Bless naptime.

Elz said...

I remember when my Em was not quite 2, I was pregnant and solo parenting while my husband was on an European business trip. She was crying and I ended up crying right with her. She was so shocked that she just stopped. I'm pretty sure I kept right on crying!

Hannah said...

I love your posts! Do you have tips for traveling with a little one? Red eye versus day trip? Strategies for keeping them entertained etc? I realize this post is about two year olds not traveling strategies but if you do recap your travel experience or can direct me to an earlier post if you've already covered, I would very much appreciate it!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I've been hitting a whole set of new problems with the second 2 year old. Fighting for toys and shouting "Mine!" Not cool, not cool. He does understand time out, but only because he sees big brother going there quite often. Hopefully preschool will give you a break and a new routine that may help. And yeah, some days are just no fun.

Meg said...

Crib/Toddler bed dilemma settled.
Seriously awesome to get a nap in (again).

Lilly said...

Getting caught up on my blog reading and could have used this one last week! I need Pretty push notifications. Double buzz if there is a Steel Magnolias reference.

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