Friday, August 31, 2012

Obligatory First Day of School Photo

Look, I get it. Your social media feeds are overrun with this sort of thing right now, if not someone's obnoxious presidential election opinions - hopefully both!

I, too, used to scoff at these sorts of Smug Mummy photos, just as I smirked at parents referring to their wee ones attending so-called "school". "Oh, really?" I'd think to myself, "Your two-year-old is going to 'school', huh - how's that pre-calc class going? Ready for the SATs yet?"

Here's the thing: it's my blog. And I'll post first day of nursery school photos / flagrantly contradict myself if I want to. Neener neener neener.

Please note that I'd lovingly picked out a more photo-friendly, smocked outfit for Master P to wear for his first day - only to get loudly vetoed by both men of the house. Friends, there are toddler hills to die on, and I decided - very begrudgingly - that this one wasn't it. At least his shoes are fun?

I also ashamedly confess that I did not cry at the school drop-off, which ranks as high heresy in my corner of Yuppie Momdom. In my defense, I absolutely LOVED school as a child, so I really was more excited for my wee CEO than sad for myself. In related news - once a geek, always a geek.

And also I went to the gym and had lunch with a friend and enjoyed having free time to myself and Master P apparently loved it and came home and immediately took a N-A-P and lo, it was glorious.

Apologies in advance for the mandatory Halloween, Thanksgiving, and cranky-photos-with-Santa to come shortly. "YESSS!!!!" I can hear you thinking. Speaking of YES, have a terrific weekend, and a happy Labor Day as well to you Pretties here in the States.


Belle on Heels said...

With no wee charmers of my own, I've had to content myself to limit my social media assaults to my political persuasion. Much less adorable.

Also, I found myself looking at smocked jon-jons yesterday (what? it was a slow afternoon) and thought to myself, "No way in HELL M is going to let any of our sons out of the house in these." Which makes me very sad, because there are some SERIOUSLY cute smocked options for male childs! Like, saw one with a tractor and construction-y things on it. PRECIOUSNESS!

So I theoretically feel your pain on this toddler hill on which not to die thing.

Danielle said...

As ridiculous as it is to proclaim any child under 5 is actually attending "school," I'm very much guilty of it myself. I just couldn't bring myself to call it daycare because the mental image I have associated with that word involves Dateline NBC and Beanie Weenies!

I'm sure your dapper Thomas CEO is perfectly capable of calculating logarithms. He'd just rather spend his time lining up toy trains. Who could blame him?!

LPC said...

He's a doll, all Thomased up! And go you. Enjoy that free time. You don't have to cry until they go to college in New Jersey:0.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Girl I have to give into the toddler wear way too often around here. Thank goodness E most of the time still prefers a "pretty dress", but her tshirts are slowly outing my beloved smocking.

Whatever he's wearing, he's rocking that first day of school look. And I didn't cry either.. ;) We are still amazing Moms :)

The Shabby Princess said...

I'm actually pretty excited about the Santa pictures, I can't lie.

Emily said...

Good for you, and enjoy your Pretty time!

Those shoes are great. :)

Meg said...

With a face like that he can wear anything!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Sweet kicks, MP! I groomed N for weeks to get excited about his applique apple shirt, but got roped into the Thomas lunchbox at Target. I tried to woo him with the adorable Skip Hop ones, but no, it had to be Thomas. Glad school is going swimmingly!

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