Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Link-Up: What to Wear Where

I'm superduper THRILLED to introduce a new weekly feature starting on Tuesday, August 28th:

I'm one of those blog button people now - aren't YOU jealous???

Invisible Internet Friend Amy at Forever 29 and I will be co-hosting this first What to Wear Where link-up! *jazz hands*

The idea is that we - and hopefully you! - will post an outfit each Tuesday that we plan to wear for an event actually happening in our lives at that time, in clothes we would actually wear - you know, as  opposed to the magazine editorial look where moms are dropping off kids at school in pigeon-fur stillettos or whatever.

Here's what our first month's schedule will look like:

- Tuesday, August 28th: back-to-school open house

- Tuesday, September 4th: family photo session

- Tuesday, September 11th: girls' night out

- Tuesday, September 18th: transition to fall

These posts can look however you like - take photos of an outfit you already have, for example, or create a Polyvore set of your dream look. Style the cat in her family photo finest if you prefer. All we ask is that you work with that week's theme, grab that button thingy up there, and link back on the host's page (so next week, that's either Amy or me) to your post.

("But MELISSA!" I can hear you thinking, a perfectly groomed eyebrow raised in judgment. "Didn't you just talk about how stuff doesn't make you happy?!? Isn't this, like, way ironic?"

Maybe, but - as a former lawyer, there's always a "but" - (a) it's my blog; (b) so there; (c) also, we do have to leave the house in clothes that cover our bits, don't we, so we may as well do it in clothes we enjoy?

For what it's worth (d) I'm challenging myself to do at least the first two of these with clothes already in my closet, so stuff still < non-spendy non-stuff. (e) No, really. (f) I do promise to try and mix it up with non-spendy stuff in between.)

Before I run out of letters, let me wish you a happy weekend and beg / plead / harrass those of you with blogs to link back here on Tuesday, August 28th!

Questions? Suggestions for future W2WW themes? Pressing shoe needs? Please leave 'em in the comments . . .


Mrs. Type A said...

A couple theme suggestions: fall wedding and football tailgate!

Sarah said...

I love this! I will definitely join you. We have family photos in late September and it's always fun (yet agonizing) to pick the outfits. I also like Mrs. Type A's suggestions.

{Jessica} said...

I love this idea! Get so sick of seeing super short dresses/leather leggings/stilettos all over the place. I just can't wear all that stuff on a normal basis. Nor do I have the time and money to style it the way some of those aforementioned style bloggers do. I will def plan to participate on the days that I can. Since I'm not a mom, I may not do all of them (i.e the school open house one), but the rest of them are great! Thanks for sharing:)

Jen said...

I'm excited!

ziem said...

How exciting. I was wondering when you'd host another. I can't wait to see the fabulous styles and hopefully take part in the link up!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Good move on the W2WW acronym...stealing that :) And also good move covering the "working with what you have" aspect...that's definitely a plus of seeing others' outfits and gaining inspiration!

Jennifer Eva said...

Me name is Jennifer.
Would you like to follow each other if so here is my blog.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Because I love both of you ladies so much, I'm going to attempt this. I'll call my entry the "hot mess option".

kristen said...

i love this idea!!! cannot wait to see all the great outfit ideas!

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