Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Does Your Stuff Make You Happy?

Occasionally I worry - yes, there are the rare fleeting moments when I'm not preoccupied with the downward spiral of the "Real Housewives" franchise - that my space, both here on the blog and in my head, seems to be about stuff.

This article and a great post by my girl Amy have me thinking twice about even the appearance of this. After all, it isn't very Pretty to be focused on material things versus experiences, is it?

The short and easy answer to this is that no, of course stuff doesn't make you happy. My religious beliefs, my family, my culture, my town, my friends - everything tells me so. Easy, right?

But! But. For those of us who admittedly like our nice stuff, so much so that we also enjoy writing about said nice stuff *cough*, it can be tricky. No, things don't make me happy, but a nice handbag sure does make a craptastic month - ahem - seem more a little more bearable, doesn't it?

if you'll forgive the repeat photo - this may not make me happy, but it sure doesn't hurt my mood. 

In the name of choosing experience over stuff, this month I put the bulk of my Prettification budget towards a blog conference (where I hope to meet some of you, yes - YOU!) instead. In upcoming months, more of it will go to travel and other adventures with family. Because bags are nice, but my people, this sense of community - *this* is better. It is.

Does a pulled-together outfit help me feel a little bit shinier on my lesser days? Absolutely. Does it fix the lesser? Absolutely not, and I apologize if I've ever given that impression here. 

Fear not, fashion friends - this doesn't mean I'll stop doing style features or cease being just as disappointingly superficial as you've come to expect. I'll just try to balance it out more, both here and up in *here*, with what really matters. (That's totally code for "MORE KID PHOTOS", by the way - be afraid.)



Lilly Howell said...

I'll be at Blissdom too! Looking forward to seeing you there!

{Jessica} said...

Deal! I wholeheartedly concur with the sentiment of 'things won't make you happy.' However, I also know that a little pretty here and there never hurt anybody - and does significant wonders for a bad day/sad outlook once in a while. I think you do a good job in talking about a variety of subjects. I love your take on all things pretty (fashion and otherwise), but I also love your personal share times. So keep it up!

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

I struggle with this all the time! My blog leans heavily on decor, so if I'm not blogging about getting new stuff, what am I blogging about? And since I've recently been having a craptastic time and not thinking too much about decor, I'm blogging practically not at all.

Funny enough, if my house burned down, I'd be sad (all that money! the pictures!), but honestly, I'm not all that attached to my stuff. As long as my family was safe I'd be excited to be getting All! New! Stuff!

Shallow of me, or good for me because I am not attached to my stuff?

Meg said...

I love your blog. It is a great distraction. One of the few mom blogs that is not mere polvore/pinterest product placement/ viral marketing. Copy, past, link- boring. The pcos and play area ones come to mind (as most recent) as post I particularly enjoyed (been a reader for a little more than a year).

I do not blog. I imagine coming up with content is tough! I like where you are trying to head.

The Shabby Princess said...

Um, I pinned something ages ago that said "shoes make me happy". Superficial? Maybe. True? Damn right. Yes, my family and my friends and my LIFE, that makes me happy, but you know what, a new handbag or shoes really can take the edge off a rough day/week/month. And I for one, see no reason to apologize for that! Ever!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Well you know I feel you here. In thinking about it more it's like shopping/fashion is a hobby. Some people play sports, buy lottery tickets or see shows. Me, I just want to buy shoes. It's less about the actual accumulation of stuff and more like a treasure hunt of finding pieces that feel like "me."

[diane] said...

Deal Melissa! I so wish I was going to Blissdom to see your Pretty face. I feel like we would get along fabulously! Good for you for reallocating said fun funds for BlissDom. I know it will be hard as those pretty little things like to show up in the inbox quite regularly! In the meantime, I'll keep reading since I love your blog!

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