Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smug Mummy Style: In the Navy

Disclosure: I'm happy to announce I'm going to be doing some blogging and reviewing for monogram mavens Marley Lilly, though their clutch used in the outfit set below is in no way a solicited or sponsored placement. I just like monograms, yo, but if you sense me becoming some big ol' sellout, drop me a line and bless your heart (did I deploy that one correctly, Southerners?).


Once upon a playgroup, a friend of mine (who reads this blog - hi, friend!) smirked and noted how my wee CEO "always looks ready to set sail on a boat."

I knew she was poking fun at me, so I laughed and said - "Why not?" I mean, one never knows when a seafaring emergency is going to present itself in . . . Austin, Texas . . . right? Right.

Geographic realities notwithstanding, I'm always looking to add nautical classics to my (and my child's, apparently) wardrobe. When this lightweight Anthropologie sweater came along, complete with Naval-inspired gold button detail along its boatneck, it struck me as the perfect solution to the frigid AC / boiling outdoors clothing challenge that we Texas residents face. Leave your home without layers at your peril, since you're sure to face either a frigid or deathhellheat fate, likely both.

Also, yes - I admittedly have a sailor tee addiction. Stop me before I stripe again. Yes, this is yet another iteration of my nautically-inspired Mom-o-flage uniform, but *cue addict's justification* it is also something I can dress down for daytime and up for evening, like so  . . .

Smug Mummy Style: In the Navy
bangles / studs / sweater / earrings (sold out; I also adore these) / ring / clutch / jeans / wedges / sandals / keychain / bag / shorts 

how I wore it today

One note about the sweater: those whitish-looking stripes are actually more cream in person; I think they can work with the obvious white jeans, but I'll pair them with my off-white bootcut pants for a night out.

Now if you'll excuse me, the wee CEO and I have to run off and ready our ship. After all, we should "be prepared" - isn't that how that old Navy (Boy Scouts? Scientology?) saying goes?


eas said...

I love every single item and your bracelet stacks are to die for!

Belle on Heels said...

Love this outfit! Doesn't hurt that navy and orange are my alma mater's colors :)

Steel Magnolia said...

I too, have a nautical addiction. In fact right now I am wearing an orange pleated skirt with sailor stripe top complete with gold shoulder buttons. The amount of navy/white strip-ed shirts in my closet is....honestly ridiculous. In fact, I even *almost* bought a pair of sailor-esque espadrille flats last night. But the thought of sneaking in yet another pair of shoes into the closet was too much to bear.

No kiddos yet, but I can guarantee one of the first outfits in their closet will be a {monogrammed} "sailor" outfit. In the style of K.Middleton in McQueen. I wish.

Love that sweater though. Maybe in the next pay cycle. Oy.

Clemson Girl said...

Dressing for the frigid office/melt your mascara off outdoors is simply put, a challenge. Will you come revamp my wardrobe with your nautical looks? Please? I just love them.

JMS said...

LOVE IT! I too get sucked into the navy stripes. Today I have on white shorts and a BR racer back tank (blue & white ink spot dots on the front, striped on the back) and yes my boy toddler seems to match me on most days. Rock it mama!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Congrats on the gig! You=sellout? NO! Me=jealous? YES! And a perfect placement of "bless your heart."

Love the stripes...though every time you post a pic of that pearl bracelet I'm reminded that I need one. Like yesterday.

The Waspy Redhead said...

I know I've said this before, but I really love how you compose your outfit photos. I have thought about sharing snapshot of my accessories, outfits etc but I would rather die than be in front of the camera on my blog. Especially if I had to stare off to the side with a sort of wistful expressing, or awkwardly cross my legs and put a hand on a hip with my ribs hunched in. Why do they stand that way?!?!?! I might jock your style. Imitation is flattery and what not.

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