Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reader Request: The Perfect, Budget-Friendly Summer Jeans

My client (and by "client" I mean "kindly reader who happened to ask about a pair of jeans"; please work with my attempting to sound all official-like here): darling reader and blogger Clemson Girl.

My mission: to find the perfect pair of (1) white jeans, (2) mid-rise and (3) bootcut, for (4) under $50. Something to wear with that summery, nautical look I posted about yesterday (and here, and here, forever and ever, amen).

It wasn't easy wading through the Sea of Skinnies, but I unearthed a few budget bootcuts (sidebar: I'm always hesitant to say "budget", because one person's "budget" is another's "bankrupting horror of extreme spendytude" - so let's just stick with "under $50") in various widths:

Reader Request: Summer White Jeans
from left to right: one / two / three / four (with bonus prepster belt!)

A hint about white jeans, which can be challenging to those of us with any sort of hips going on *raises hand*: try having the front pockets removed and sewn shut for a more streamlined look. It also avoids that phantom pocket outline that thinner (i.e., summer weight) white jeans tend to get.

What do you think?

Anyone else have an outfit or clothing item you'd like me to track down? Feel free to leave it in the comments or drop me an email at ipickpretty AT gmail, etc.

(Not that I know what I'm doing here, of course, but I'm extremely skilled at *acting* like I think what I know what I'm doing.) (Law school taught me that, if little else.) (Parentheses.)


Erin said...

White pants, capris, bermudas and shorts are my absolute FAVORITE summer clothing item! Yay for some new styles to scope husband does NOT thank you :)

Clemson Girl said...

Looks like I've got some shopping to do! Thanks again!

SaritaPagita said...

I didn't even realize I needed white jeans, but for under $50, I most certainly do.

Emily said...

This ought to be easy for you. I need something to wear in our family photos next week. The baby girls will be in nautical inspired togs:

My 2 year old is wearing this:

My 3 month old is wearing this:

We're having the pictures done outside, so I'm not sure I can wear jeans. It's so hot in North Carolina right now that I would probably be a sweaty mess in 5 minutes. That said, I do have a great pair of dark wash citizens that I can squeeze into. My white jeans are still a no go. I am open to anything!

Have fun!

Sara said...

I would add that Gap Long and Lean white jeans are quite nice for those of us with hips (and booty). Although, I'm pretty sure they were about $60.

Amanda Cobb said...

"bankrupting horror of extreme spendytude" - love it! haha.

Also, thanks for the tips on the removing & sewing front pockets! I don't have a pair of white jeans, but my mint pair and yellow pair have that same ghosty pocket outline and it's been annoying me.

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

I'm in agreement with Emily's comment above-a post about what to wear for family photos (your's are amazing, btw) would be timely for me as well!

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