Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pretty Baby - Gift Ideas for Newborns

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of a baby shower invitation feels biologically compelled to purchase one of two gifts: (a) the teensiest, tiniest, most questionably practical onesie you ever did see or (b) a plush blanket that could keep Antarctica itself safe from chill.

There's a reason these are perennial favorites - newborns admittedly do go through a lot of clothes and blankets - and I confess I often find myself powerless over them. Over our last festivity-stuffed week I handed out no less than three of 'em.

However, if you're looking for something a bit outside the norm, or perhaps something more practical than Arctic freeze-level coverlets for the babe born here in deathhellheat summertime Texas (*ahem*), might I suggest my following favorites, many of which we received as gifts when Master P was but a wee colicky thing.

If I were on my A Game - a big *if* nowdays - I'd pair one of these with a gift for the new mom and present it in that fantastic "I Like Naps" tote below (with thanks to my girl Forever 29 for finding that one).

Special Frugalista Note: I kept all of these gifts below $50 - if you, like me, find yourself afloat on the happy Sea of Second-Born Babies, these gifts can really add up.

Newborn Gift Guide
Tote / Burp Cloths (my favorite brand) / DVD (without which neither MP nor I would have survived his infancy) / Diapers (ask mama whether she's doing cloth or disposable) / Aden + Anais swaddling blankets (lightweight & useful for a billion other things too) / book (with apologies to Jane for hijacking her opening line above) / sleeper / drying rack (doubles as superb wine glass drying rack) / birth announcement prints

Any other baby favorites you'd add?


Rachelle said...

How have I missed the Baby Lit books??? Will be picking those up pronto. Because, any incremental edge to get K into Oxford will do :)

Great ideas.

Emily said...

Great ideas! I usually give the large size of this bag:
With the family's last name/mom's monogram/baby's name or monogram depending on the person.
If I really like the person I fill it with diapers and wipes : )

eas said...

For the first baby I always do something practical off the registry, baby books and burp cloths. For #2 I do pretty burp cloths, monogram bag and monogrammed bloomers if it's a girl.

I love your ideas!

Stephanie Baker said...

I just found your blog and I am loving the newborn list. I love and still use the Aden +Anais blankets, The Happiest Baby on the Block (Now I am onto the Toddler one), and the drying rack for my 16 month old daughter!:)


Samma said...

I love my Aden and Anais blankets for drying my hair- they are perfect for curly hair, and so much a better size and shape than a pillow case or old t=shirt. Dell Harper and I are loving some Baby Lit- we also have Alice in Wonderland, which is just darling.

My most useful gift I recieved? A bottle of Baby Oxyclean. I threw it in my cabinet, thinking I would never use the stuff. Six months in, it's about time for another bottle. It is great for eliminating those yellow stains which appear over time in clean baby clothes from spit ups and blow outs.

A Wedding Story said...

For what it's worth, I found Aden + Anais blankets at Target yesterday for 50% off!

Elkie D said...

We love our birth announcement prints (thanks)! They are just perfect in E's nautical nursery.

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