Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Open Forum - Ask Me (Almost) Anything

It has been years since I've opened up the floor here for you readers - all three of you - to ask me questions. Because of course you sit around all day asking nothing but, "I wonder what Melissa thinks about ___?"

So, ask away - anything you would like to see me post about? Any questions you've simply been dying - DYING! - to ask? Today is your day to put it in the comments.

If you're wondering what form this should take, here are some sample questions:

Question: "Have you always been so shallow / self-absorbed / awful / dorky?"
Answer: "Yes."

Question: "What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?"
Answer: "Tough to pick just one, but regaling a room full of nuns, my boss, and in-laws with what a good time the AH is in the sack springs to mind."*

(*Note to dearly departed Grandmother: no, I did not just admit to ever having had s-e-x. Nevermind the husband and child thing. The thought never crossed my mind.)

Question: "Why isn't Master P potty trained yet?"
Answer: "I'm certain he will be once you're through teaching him - here!" *hands over child*

Easy, right?

You there, grumbling in the back about how this is a total cop-out and a waste of a post - yes. I mean, what sort of blogger asks *you* to provide the material? Not a good one, of course. Thank you for noticing, and bless your heart.

In my defense - I've got a toddler to watch, a terrific book to read, and better things coming your way . . . tomorrow? Hopefully?

Until then, have at it in the comments. Tips for newborns? Talking you out of law school plans? Outfit ideas? I'm all yours - that is, unless you're unkind, in which case I remind you of this blog's enthusiastic censorship policy, which is on par with your average third world dictatorship. Thank you for understanding.


Karen said...

How do you feel about sleep training? Or rather how did you approach the matter? That is assuming your sleeping now...
My 8 month old is wearing old his sleepless little welcome. Any help for the weary?

Also, You are so incredibly put together...even when you appear not to think so. I realize that is the focus of your blog...chosing to try to be pretty, however, really how much time does it take you to get ready in the mornings...

Still in my sweaty workout clothes from 0800.

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

We're on the same wavelength...I posted my own cop-out, errr, "reader participation" post. Though it's crickets over there so maybe it was a bad idea.

Anyway, you rarely talk about food except for on your travel posts so I'm going to throw some foodie questions at you.

What is your best dining experience?
What's the most exotic food you have tried?

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I just did one of these posts... and I still can't think of a good question!!

Ok, here's one. How had you and AH's relationship changed since Master P??

Anonymous said...

Do you intend to practice law again, or will you start a second career? Have you figured out what you want to be when you grow up?

No judgments here - first year transaction attorney wondering if law school was the right decision

Anonymous said...

i am also curious about your experience with law school. as a recent reader of your blog, i'm not sure that i understand the back story of how you decided on law school and why you disliked that career choice. i am struggling with various educational and career choices that i have made and the impact they have had on my husband and family...who knew?!
i would also like to hear more about your transition into becoming a stay at home mom and how you envision the future once Master P starts school...
thank you!

Sylvie said...

Dear Mrs. IPP,

Thank you for offering to lend your ear and answer some questions. Here goes - I am a former-"corporate sally" who left a management position at a major national company about 10 years ago. I wanted to be the primary caregiver for my then infant son and fulltime homemaker. Fast forward a decade. I now have one son in elementary school and the other beginning middle school. I am not an idiot (per performance reviews and a B.A. earned from a great school), articulate (usually), and not awful looking (I've been told). Over the past two years, I have been unsuccessful in every attempt to gain fulltime permanent employment. I am now a subsitute teacher (which is soooo not my calling)(seriously)(but I get to be near my children and the pay - when I get it - is, well, pretty good).

Nearing the questions, I have OFTEN thought of law school. I didn't pursue it when I graduated from college because of the expense and I wasn't sure I wanted it badly enough. Now, I regret having not done so as it seems there are so many ways to use the JD where I would have flexibility with hours, ability to make money and have a job title forever (patent examiner, in-house for a company, admin. position at local Law Schools, etc.)

Finally the questions - 1. Is Concord Law School (or any other on-line law school) as bad an idea as it seems? 2. Have you seen any/many lawyer moms who successfully returned to law after taking time off to make caregiving a priority. 3. Do you regret your effort (and expense, if applicable) in having completed the JD. and 4. How often do you find yourself using your legal training to benefit your family in the way of better contracts, better negotiations, better choices? 5. Did you take and pass the bar exam? &, last but not least, 6. Do you think passing a bar is necessary for a successful law career?

BTW, I live in Northern Virginia, near Washington DC and there seem to be loads of lawyer-type jobs around here.

And may I add that I enjoy your blog and your honesty so much. Soooo refreshing. I look forward to your response.

Anonymous said...

Not a question, but a comment... Thank you for not inundating us with commercials, I mean "sponsored posts" and giveaways. I am really not interested in what scent of laundry detergent makes you happy or which vacuum cleaner is the lightest. No offense to those, but if I have the disposable time to read and write blogs (and I do) I also have someone else cleaning my house. So, I guess I do have a question -- is it difficult to fend off the temptation to use this as a "business" rather than a creative outlet? I sincerely believe that readers read because they have genuine interest in the blogger and their experiences, not their endorsements.

I enjoy your blog, I don't always agree with you, but I admire your sensibility and willingness to share real opinions! And you have an awesome wardrobe! :)

Emily said...

I didn't read the comments before, so I apologize if these were already represented, but,

What kind of law did you practice and why did you hate it?

Where did you go to law school?

Did you go straight through?

I hope this does not come across as a judgmental question, it's one I ask myself when I enter the mental stay-at-home v. work debate (I am a corporate attorney). Do you regret going to law school and taking the bar now that you don't practice? It's no secret that law school is terrible.

Desiree Lynn said...

Would you ever do a home tour? Your waredrobe style is so fun that I'm super curious about your house. (I apologize if you've done one in the past. I haven't been reading for terribly long.)

Whitney said...

I second a lot of these questions! What was your path to law school and how did you meet the AH and end up in Austin? (I once daydreamed of grad school at UT Austin, but alas, I got the MRS degree and we weren't going to leave SC.)

Steel Magnolia said...

Here is a rather vain question {for my own Official Research of self-normalcy}.

Have you or would you ever ask your hairstylist for a Kate Middleton blowout/cut/color? I really really want to ask mine - but for fear of being That Girl I can't bring myself to do it.


Also - Mr. Smith is dreaming of and getting closer to a job with BigGolfCompany in Carlsbad, CA. Being a SoCal girl - what tips can you give to this lifetime East Coaster? Slightly scared I'll need plastic surgery, peroxide, and fake nails. Not to mention an aggressive non-eating plan.

Kate said...

I would love to see a home tour!

I am also with anonymous above re sponsored blogs and all of that. Do you feel pressure to do the giveaways and sponsored posts and all that? I'm curious because you really do balance both posts perfectly.

AEOT said...

How about a favorites post for Master P: favorite foods, favorite toys, favorite books, favorite outfits, whatever. I'm obviously very interested in the 2 year old set!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I hope I'm not too late! My questions would be, what kind of car do you drive? And what would you drive if you could pick anything. And.... if you could pick your own name, what would it be?

My questions are so weird.

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