Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Smug Mummy Style: The Investment PIece ("Dressy Jacket" ed.)

I've updated my "The Webster at Target" post - verdict: not bad! - after checking out the mens' & womens' clothing collections in person today. Yes, I went shopping - the things I do for you . . .


There are some classics we all can agree belong in every woman's closet - an LBD, a pair of jeans that perfectly fit your shape, and Spanx, for starters.

The versatile "dressy jacket" is another, as popularized by Chanel's tweedy boxy Lady Who Lunches prototype (see below). It's that mythical piece you can actually transition from work to play depending on how you accessorize it. Though I no longer have the office job excuse to buy this, this is just the sort of thing I envision wearing when I eventually, inevitably commandeer the P.T.A.

How to fake this Chanel look, though, for those of us (ie, nearly everyone) not on a Chanel budget?

Stiletto Jungle (run by my law school classmate turned fashion blogger, holla!) did a terrific write-up on a slightly more affordable version (also pictured below, then our Priestess of Prep, Princess Shinylocks herself, turned up in another recently. Between the two, it became clear I was suffering from a fashion emergency - emergency, I tell you! - so I went skittering to my laptop to try and find a budget friendly equivalent:
Smug Mummy Style: The Investment Jacket
clockwise from left: Zara / Chanel / Tory Burch / Tory Burch / Irritatingly Perfect Hair (also, Rebecca Taylor - see pre-order information here) / Milly
I went with the Zara pictured above - that exposed zipper detail makes it fun & young enough for me to incorporate into date nights as paired with jeans and stilettos (or it would if I didn't live in a blistering inferno of Texas deathhellheat), or I can pair it with a sheath dress for shower-type events. At $99 I could pull the trigger without jeopardizing ye olde college fund.

For a less trendy but still not too old/boxy/frumpy look, I've put that cream Tory Burch number on my Top Secret Sale Watch list. I just saw it in person today and can't adequately convey its loveliness here, but . . . suffice to say it will play an integral part in my eventual PTA dictatorship. Mark my power-hungry words (jacket).

What do you think of this look - too Lady Lunchy, or a classic?


Belle on Heels said...

Sigh. Chanel jacket + Ferragamo flats = the only things stopping me from total Junior League domination. One day.

Amanda Cobb said...

I'm bothered by the sleeves on these types of jackets. None of them are quite full-length - why?! That would drive me nuts, and look a bit odd since my arms are on the long side.

Stiletto Jungle said...

Thanks for the shout out :)

Loving the Zara find -- great color and such a fabulous deal!

Nat said...

I think this is such a classic look! I've had my eye on that cream TB one but now I just need to convince my husband that $495 is a completely reasonable price to pay for a jacket that will complete my look!

Southern Gorgeous said...

Love these! My grandmother has a closet full of Chanel tweed. Hopefully they come my way someday!

Kristen said...

I like the zara option (the blue is gorgeous and would look so prits with our blondes), but I think the tory looks a bit lighter, which could be good for that CenTex heat we both know alllll too well ;)

Emily said...

Mrs. Pretty, we are sharing a shopping brain. I was just looking at the Zara one in store last week. Love. Feel free to do one of those fabulous OOTD posts, please!

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