Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Smug Mummy Style: A Grace Kelly Update

Some things never change, do they? It's a cliche that seems particularly true when it comes to fashion, where if you wait long enough, things come back into vogue eventually.

Take this, for example (with thanks to HRH Preppy Princess for finding this shot):

At the Cannes Film Festival circa 195 (via The Telegraph)

Am I crazy - scratch that, crazier than usual - or does a lot of this look work in 2012? Sure, it helps to look like Grace Kelly and be impossibly glamorous, beautiful, etc., but I spy an echo of the floral, feminine pieces floating around right now as well as a whiff of classic nautical.

I got to tinkering with how I'd wear this look circa 2012, less the Princess title & good looks and plus a few pieces of trendy flair and one pair of floral jeans.

That's right - I'mma 'bout to make an argument for those pants that remind you (and me) of our Laura Ashley bedspreads of yore. 1986 just called, and it's cool with it. If you keep the base color subdued and the pattern small - think more dainty, less Grandmother's couch - I'm beginning to think some pairs are wearable:

Smug Mummy Style: Grace Chic
Clockwise from left: cardigan / blouse / jeans / watch / flats / sunglasses / bracelet stack (thanks to Nautical by Nature for the find) / chain bracelet / lipstick / studs

A personal note about this: while some of this isn't conducive to my everyday chasing toddlers career - how many seconds it would take for Master P to snatch that red lipstick and smear it over the walls, for example - I'd do this for a dressy day out.  With the exception of the watch - paging Santa/sponsors! - it's in the realm of my budget reality to boot. With my goal of investing in Chanel-y classics, that Topshop cardigan will be my first purchase.

Also - this look screams for a classic pair of Varinas, but I'm not at that stage of life/income quite yet - not until the first face lift, at least. A time and place for everything, etc. (*Insert sarcasm font here*).

What do you think - have I convinced you that certain patterned pants can be chic, or is this a look best left to the royals? If not the pants, can I sell you on the rest of the look?


Mrs. Type A said...

I LOVE that cardi. There's no way I could pull of those pants, but if I were built like Grace, I'd do it!

The Preppy Princess said...

Nice job on the Polyvore Miss Pretty! I would love to have one of each please, and I'll happily wear the Varinas if you throw them in as well!

Sending you a smile,

Carly Anne said...

I am coveting that watch fiercely.

{Jessica} said...

If I had to pick between Jackie O. and Grace it would be a toss up, but I think Grace would come out victorious. Love her sooo much! And love that Topshop boucle cardigan. After another post you did (on investment jackets - Tori Burch, drool) I am starting a running list of things I want, i.e. my 'sale watch list'. And that cardi just went on it. Except, I might not wait on that for a sale at that price;)

Mel said...

Bracelets. I need those bracelets. Or at least one of them...maybe two.

Brandy said...

I'm pretty sure I will never be able to pull off print pants.

Elz said...

I love Grace Kelly, but for me floral pants are best left to royals in the past. Or, maybe just left in the past?

Kathleen Lisson said...

I would leave Grace to wear her pants, but definitely get the blouse!

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