Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Smug Mummy Morning Out: How Not to Blog About Style

(If you'll please excuse the brevity of today's drivel, Master P and I seem to have come down with a stomach bug. Take heart, though - the post is just as superficial as usual. I'm sorry. You're welcome.)

Here's what happens when I try to play style blogger and take those not-at-all-narcissistic "outfit of the day"-style blog photos. I was trying to capture my "mother's day out" ensemble with meeting a friend for lunch in mind - does that make me a Lady Who Lunches? If so, can I be the kickass LWL sort who goes on adventures and is generally chic / mysterious etc. in addition to lunching?



Does this completely out of focus outfit match my sprinkler system? No?
My assistant was unamused by the process - as are you, I imagine.

Giving up and going the classy bathroom mirror route, unpolished nails and all.

Um, yeah - super professional, no? Here is why you end up with me putting together outfit sets via Polyvore instead, though in the future I'd like to mix things up a bit with more real life outfits. Which makes me a big fat hypocrite after poking fun at style bloggers ad nauseam. Sigh:

A Smug Mummy Morning Out
clockwise from left: top / studs (budget version here) / necklace (b&w version on sale here)/ braclets (mine are old Kenneth Jay Lane; similar here) / flats / handbag / watch / cardigan (mine is old, but that's the current iteration)

I paired this with my beloved new white capris, which made it a little too Valentine-y for my taste - but (playing the Mom card!) it's what was clean. I prefer that orange-y red contrasting with a dark denim capri, but I figured pants > no pants with most friends, right?

Wishing y'all a stomach bug-free, stylish weekend . . . over which I promise to try and improve the State of Photography around here - assuming I can rouse myself from the fainting couch, that is. *melodramatic sigh*


Anna said...

Hope you're feeling better! Love the top!

Stephanie Marie said...

The top is fantastic and the jewelry makes the entire outfit! (Just Saying Hello from

Prippy Handbook said...

This post is hilarious! I always try and imagine the patient boyfriends frequently credited by "Outfit Bloggers" for taking those pics.

You look awesome. Very Palm Springs chic to me.

{Jessica} said...

Love the top! But the necklace makes the outfit:) And, I won't lie - I am still thinking about that TopShop cardi from yesterday's post. You'll have to let me know how you like it when it arrives. I worry it may be a little short? But sooo cute! I want.

Mel said...

I am dying laughing, Melissa. And I'm sure it's not the 2 glasses of Sav Blanc I've consumed....that's exactly what my pics looked like! I swear bloggers must hire a photog. I do love, love, love that top. And I'm sure Gisele's photos are the same before photoshop.

Nat said...

I'm dying laughing I think the one posing next to the sprinkler box is my favorite! I need that eyelet top you have on, like now.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

i love that top and that necklace so much. but it's the sprinkler system that really stands out ;)

get to feeling better girl :)

LPC said...

Well you look look adorable.

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

You look adorable! I love the necklace! I too have a hard time with outfit shots. I need to review a dress currently but fear I may never get a decent pic of me in it.

Rachelle said...

Not sure how I didn't notice this before, but the necklace and the top so perfectly complement one another! Reflecting, without mirroring one another.

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