Monday, May 14, 2012

A Picture (Im)perfect Mother's Day

"Perfect!" I thought to myself. "It's a gorgeous day out, *and* I'm in my fun new Webster at Target togs, so I'll snap some rare Smug Mummy style photos of us as a family en route to brunch, all the better for showing off on Facebook, the blog, etc."

Another Normal Rockwell moment with Master P, the Anonymous Husband, and his darling mom; the family nun - what, don't you have one of those? - and I are coordinating this masterpiece off camera.

Yep. Just your typical idyllic Mother's Day scene.

And do you notice somebody missing here? It seems strangely fitting that Mom here is the one not actually in any of my Mother's Day photos - not that I'm not delighted to have such a felicitous moment of my loved ones captured for eternity, but - wah - what about my good hair day? Oh, the symbolism.

Despite the day (my life) not being all about ME ME ME anymore, I did have a happy morning at church followed by a brunch comprised of the three brunch elements I hold most dear - terrific food, mimosas, and 80s music - in addition to the usual cards and flowers business. 'Twas a Smug Mummy sort of day in result, if not in look.

We had our happier wee CEO moments too, courtesy of a toddler train ride:

Excuse me while I go buy a tripod so that I might make future Mother's Days appearances too. After all, it might not just be all about me anymore, but even moms like to preserve the now-rare good hair/outfit days for posterity.

Hope your Mother's Day was just as festive and family-filled, if more photo-friendly, than mine.


Mary said...

Mum the nun and normal rockwell- I laughed. Hee ee thanks for the fun view of your Mother's Day.

Nat said...

That picture is classic- your commentary is even better! He is a pretty cute little guy though so I can't blame you for staying behind the camera!

Erin said...

HA! I considered hunting for my tripod in the basement yesterday (considered), because my hair looked THAT good. This weekend I ran a 5k, celebrated my niece's 1st birthday, and had the best Mother's Day ever, with tons of pictures of OTHER PEOPLE to prove it :)

The Preppy Princess said...

Ooooh, I'm dying to see you in the Webster Target togs, that is definitely a vision of a Prettier Planet if ever there was one!

Master P looks so. stinkin' cute. in his madras, I am crushing on him.

Sending you a smile,

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Not a single pic here either. But more because I was sporting a rainy-bad-hair-day and didn't want to capture my newly-30 self on film just yet. Wahhh.

southernbellejm said...


That's what makes looking back at photos fun:)

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