Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Freckle Face

Freckle Face. Spot. Dot.

The freckled ones among us will recognize those terms, often our from playground nicknames. Though many of my childhood heroes had them - "Anne of Green Gables", holla! - as a child I despised my freckles, which made me feel distinctive during those I-want-to-fit-in years.

Funny how those traits we may have disliked as children can become our signature look as adults, how we eventually see distinctive as a good thing. As I've grown older, I've gradually embraced the spots. Glad I have them - I do my makeup to highlight 'em, even. People seem to connect me to them, if usually with a highly original, never-been-heard-before "connecting the dots" joke. Even Hollywood seems to have generally caught on to our be-speckled sort.

[Lest you think I'm reached some zen place of maturity here, rest assured I'm remain bitter about my teeny-tiny eyes and (same adjective applies) bust. Thankfully that's nothing time & a little plastic surgery perspective won't fix.]


Moving along - the freckles have taken on greater meaning for me as a parent, strangely enough, since I've given birth to the clone of the (relatively freckle-free) Anonymous Husband:

Apologies for the repeat photo, but I never tire of looking at this one (Photo Credit: the freckle-free but still fabulous Ziem Photography)

Along with that have come the inevitable comments, "Grand Master P looks just like the AH!" "He looks nothing like you, Melissa - better luck next time!" "He's all daddy!"

I'm delighted to have a physical duplicate of my very first & favorite husband, and yet . . . these comments get under my (freckled!) skin for some reason. For starters, having been present for Master P's birth, I'm quite certain I was involved in the process somewhere. Yet I find myself staring at Master P on occasion, searching him for some sign - aside from his temper, that is, which is all Mom - that we're related.

It's a silly, superficial thing - "silly" and "superficial" being house specialties here at the Pretty - wanting your child to show some outward signs of being related to you. I mean, adopted families get on just fine without that outward link, for obvious example. Of the many things to worry about as a parent, this is way, WAY far down the list, if it's on there at all.

That being said, I confess I've been delighted to see a few of these pop up lately (squint if you have to - I swear they're there):

While I wouldn't wish the tired freckle jokes on anyone, let alone my boy, I confess some silly part of me is thrilled to see this small visible link between us.

Soon I'll try to teach him how being distinctive is a good thing; he'll ignore me now just as I did my family, but some day it'll pay off in spots (spades?).

How have you dealt with comments from strangers like this? Any other freckle faces who can relate?

(With thanks to A Southern Accent, who recently wrote about her own darling freckle-faced boy here.)


Carly Anne said...

I never had a freckle until age four. And then I had hundreds. There is still hope - those wee little spots may only be the beginning...

Mrs. Type A said...

This is sort of different but I always kind of got annoyed when people would tell me that my sister and I looked nothing alike-- not even related. It bummed me out! It made me jealous of those families where everyone looks alike.

Emily said...

I see those freckles. He's yours, and of course, darling! :)

Marta said...

I've always liked freckles, but granted I do not have any so perhaps I can't possibly understand. Though I do understand how annoying it is when people comment on how blonde my children are and how they must get it from their dad. I want to scream "I WAS BLONDE TOO" so now I hightlight my hair light blonde, though I loved being a red head.

AshleySP said...

He has your eyes. I think that's such a distinct feature on him and it makes me see you right away. I see AH head shape for sure. Either way, he's so cute!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I get the same thing, which drives me crazy because hubs and I look so much alike we've been mistaken for brother & sister. We're both freckle-faced so the chances on the boys missing out on the fun is slim, though I haven't seen any yet.

I think it's just because they're boys and people like to think they look like their dads...I see plenty of you in him :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I personally always wanted freckles. My brother had them and I have none. So I'm thrilled to pieces to see those on young Master P :)

As for the other part, I get that daily. No, minutely. How Mr. P got a twin and was I "sure I was even there??". Umm yes. I'm sure I was. But as she grows, she is getting my coloring and my smile. Which I love to point out. To which then people go.. "yea... okay. if you say so".

Then I shank them.

Legally Fabulous said...

I can't decide if I see you or your husband more in Master P. I think it changes a LOT as kids grow up though. When we were younger I don't think my brother or I looked like either of our parents much, but now I think my brother looks just like my dad and I get told I look like my mom a lot.
But people who have known us 10+ years always say I look like my dad, which I think is really bizarre. He's an old dude with curly (used to be) black hair and a big nose and I am a chick with long straight blonde hair and OMG do I have a big nose? I think it may be because I have so much of my dad's personality though and the people who have known us both for a long time can see that. At least I hope I don't look like an old dude. ;)

Meg @ write meg! said...

Very cute! I actually think freckles are adorable. I have just two tiny ones on either side of my mouth.

From the time I was born, I've been heralded as the spitting image of my dad -- and, indeed, I am. I know that one some level, this bothers my mom... for a quick comparison, I'm 5'2", quite voluptuous and very dark-featured. My hair and eyes are almost black. By contrast, my mom is tall (5'9"), very slim (naturally, of course -- ACK), hazel-eyed and blonde. Blonde! No one ever associates us as mother and daughter. Clerks and acquaintances actually ask, "Oh, is this your... friend?"

It used to bother me a little, too -- that others didn't associate us automatically. But our bond is deep, of course, and my personality is quite like my mom's. That works for me.

Mrs. Lovely said...

I always wonder why this bothers parents so much as I've heard some of my friends lament the fact that their child is a spitting image of one and not the other. I mentally prepare myself for the fact that our future kids might be mini me's of one of us. I am a brown haired Italian, freckly beauty and Hubs is a red headed, freckly farm guy. Is it weird to say I envision a boy to look exactly like Hubs and a girl to look exactly like me? Hopefully in the next year we'll find out!

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