Thursday, April 5, 2012

Smug Toddler Style: Trendy Tots

"What is Pretty up to now???" I can hear you wondering. "Are you seriously telling us that we need to buy fancy, expensive outfits for our toddlers? When I barely have time / money to be trendy myself?"

Simmer down, sweetie darlings - fashion is fun, after all. I just saw some cute stuff I liked and figured I'd post 'em, basis in budget reality notwithstanding. I'm not spending $1798098gazillion on baby clothes and am not encouraging you to do so either. Not not not!

And - yes, pesky reality reminder - no toddler I've met will keep a hat on for more than two seconds, or sunglasses for much more than that. Whatevs.

But - DVF for BabyGap. Ahem - DVF FOR BABYGAP. Talk about a way to get my ovaries - and credit card - clickety clacking.

So let's just have fun playing around with Pretty clothes for the wee ones, shall we?

Smug Toddler Style: DVF Girl

Smug Toddler Style: DVF Girl by legallyblondemel featuring flower hair accessories

Clockwise from left: backpack / dress / headband / sunglasses / shoes

Smug Toddler Style: DVF Girl Deux

Smug Toddler Style: DVF Girl Deux by legallyblondemel featuring knit dresses

Clockwise from left: bow (similar here) / dress / sunglasses / backpack / mary janes

Here's one for the wee CEO boy crowd. Sidebar: why are fedoras adorable for males under 10 or over 70, but douchey in between unless you're Don Draper?  

Smug Toddler: Boys of Summer

Clockwise from left: hat (sold out - similar here)/ shirt / sunglasses / shorts / flip-flops (Master P actually has these, and they're cheap & wonderful - insert joke here) / backpack

Any other style requests from the pre-K set?


Rachel said...

Connor loves his Skip Hop Zoo backpack and lunchbox - okay, maybe it's me that really loves it?!?! We have the puppy dog!

AEOT said...

Okay, talk to me about flip flops and toddlers. I'm afraid that Spence will hurt his toes with no front coverage (I've been looking at Keen's for this reason but YOWCH on the price!! Even on ebay!!) and I don't know if he'll keep the darn things on. I do want him to have sandals for this summer as he'll be outside all the time, so I'd love, love, love more info (once back from vacay, of course!!). Thanks!

Rachelle said...

Yep, yep, this is going to be one of the few lines that I will allow to break my no-full-retail-price rules.

Erin said...

Nothing kicks me in the uterus quite like shopping for tiny human clothes. I love dressing my munchkin like she stepped out of a magazine, and I don't have to spend a ton of money to do it!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

It's kind of sad how much I enjoy dressing the wee one. I wouldn't look like a hobo most days if I would give myself even a tenth of that attention.

Those turquoise Toms? BG NEEDS.

[darci @ the good life] said...

Pretty damn sure I'm buying the orange shorts and those flip-flops today. They're adorable!

I tried some flip-flops on Jackson at Gap this weekend and had no luck --- his feet are too fat for the right size! I'm assuming that'll change here soon when he's walking.

Ps - your little man looked darling on Easter!! Gahhh, love being a "boy mom".

Wiz said...

My son has the monkey back pack! I love it :)

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