Monday, April 16, 2012

Smug Mummy Style: Neon Loves Neutral

"Smug Mummy Style" is an irregular regular series in which I virtually scratch my shopping itch, putting together outfits that work with the chasing-toddlers lifestyle, in thought, look, and (occasionally) budget. If you're struggling to sleep at night, you can read other recent installments here and here.


Like Kim and Kanye, you never think of certain things coming together until they do, then you wonder why that picture perfect pairing of massive ego never occurred to you before.

The neon trend, when paired with neutral basics, is one such match made in colorful heaven - less the famewhore shenanigan potential of a Kim'Ye, thank Neiman Marcus. I'm all for colorblocking slightly more muted colors, but the neutral background here lets the bright neon stand out while letting you feel like you aren't entirely searing the retinas of all around you.

By mixing your trendy brights with your more traditional pieces, you're also keeping to my "invest in the classics, spend less on the trendy" philosophy. We're all about the Pretty here, Pretty savings accounts especially - the neon is a trend, and therefore I will try to spend (and rhyme! *jazz hands*) accordingly.

On the neutral note, I'd steer clear of too much black, which is a little too reminiscent of the 1980s pairings we oldsters once wore - a certain such jumpsuit of mine (!) comes to mind, sadly. Especially for those of us who survived this trend the first time around, better to pair your brights with a subtle navy, my personal favorite, or gray or tan.

With apologies that this is all a little Crew heavy - (confidential to the AH: by "Crew" I mean the preppish retailer, not the hair band of 80s fame, though of course I'm beside myself anticipating our upcoming concert date with Tommy Lee) - but I love what they're doing with this look:
Neon Loves Neutral: Pink with Navy & Silver
Clockwise from left: tote / shirt (on sale!) / watch / sandals (old, similar here) / shorts

I fear this puts me at a 12 out of 10 on the Ed Hardy Scale of Doucheytude, but - after much mocking of the crappy-photo-in-bathroom-mirror, fashion blogger "outfit of the day" thing - here I am over the weekend modeling the above shirt, shoes n' top combo. Hypocrisy - it's what's for dinner; commence mockery:

Does the highlighter pink distract from my pastytude? The CBF? No?

Ahem. My favorite of the neons, cobalt blue and yellow, paired with the seersucker neutral already present in any good prep's wardrobe (or this one's, at least):
Neon Loves Neutral, Cobalt & Yellow
Clockwise from left: aviators / shirt (gorgeous detail in person) / earrings / cuff / tote / pants (the perfect lightweight summery fabric & cut) / wedges
Last but not least, today I set sail - wait for the cheesetastic metaphor tie-in here - with a pair of the Milly Topsiders I'd managed to find on-sale. They arrived less "coral" and more "CAPS LOCK HIGHLIGHTER ORANGE HOLD ME" than advertised but, emboldened by my kind Instagram friends who encouraged me to keep 'em, I rummaged around my closet & worked up the following ensemble:
Pretty Sets Sail
Clockwise from left: sunglasses / tee / scarf / tote (old, similar here) / shoes (do not be fooled by their coral-ness here - these are BLINDING in person) (yes, I hereby deem "coral-ness" a word) / jeans / watch / earrings (on sale!)

Speaking of trends, however could it have taken me this long to hop on the boat shoe, uh, boat - I mean, you just never know when an emergency yachting situation is going to pop up, do you? 

What's your take on all of this - too bright or just right?


[darci @ the good life] said...

I LOVE all of these combos and I'm glad I stopped by today because I've become so extremely plain jane lately w/ regards to "style" (or lack thereof). I have several new fun bright colored pieces and just haven't paired them w/ anything yet to put it all together.

Ps - you're a skinny mini. Teach me your ways?

[darci @ the good life] said...

And do tell - are you loving the Sperry's as far as comfort? I think I'm going to take the plunge and get my first pair (coral) from J Crew! Ekkk!!

Mrs. Type A said...

Love! I got a bright neon-ish green/yellow cardi from old navy for $20 and I've been pairing it with lots of stuff for a pop of color.

Belle on Heels said...

Ooooh these are all so great! I'm so crappy at Polyvore, I love your styled outfits here :) I've been rocking the J.crew Vintage V-Neck Tee in neon azalea for my neon fix. Love it!

kelly said...

*wrings hands* Neon with neutral is so hard! 80s girls wanna do hot pink with black! I know, I know...I am trying hot pink with silver these days...great post bb.

Hannah said...

Great combos! I'm checking out the Sperrys you found...saw them a while back and never ordered them. I need a new pair of boat shoes. Glad to have found your blog and be a new follower. Come check out my Kate SPade giveaway!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

All of it is super cute! I have one neon tee that I'll probably stick with to get me through this trend, but I LOVE the pink shorts...and I shamelessly love a good bathroom mirror pic.

P.S. I may have to give into Instragram when I finally upgrade to an iPhone. Or have I missed the boat with the Facebook buyout?

The Preppy Princess said...

Non, non, non, not too bright, it is just right! The looks are *wonderful*, I especially like the one you are wearing!

Sending you a smile,

Emily said...

Tres chic and ready for Texas heat! Love it!

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