Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Smug Mummy Style: Going Green

Smug Mummy Style is an irregular regular series in which I scratch my virtual shopping itch, putting together outfits that work with the chasing-toddlers lifestyle in thought, word, and (mostly) budget. Should you suffer from insomnia feel free to check out other SMS posts here and here.

Good things come in mint - juleps and Girl Scout cookies, for starters.

(What, you thought from the title this was going to be a post about going eco? We can do one of those too - as well as throwing around the Royal "We" inappropriately - but being Earth friendly goes without saying here. Listen, I live in hippie liberal Austin - we just do things like recycle, turn off lights, and use reusable shopping totes, lest we be run out of town with hemp pitchforks or something. Heck, I even wear vintage - talk about recycling! So, um, there.)


Anywhoo, mint is but another part of the Easter colorpalooza springing up in stores (AHAHA, see what I did there?!?) lately. As with the other technicolor trends, this preppish sort feels right at home with this candy color. Though the shade is familiar, it's showing up on a number of new sorts of clothes & cosmetics, which makes it accessible at a number of price points:

Smug Mummy Style: A Minty Moment
Clockwise from left: earrings / dress (sold out, similar here) / necklace / shirt / polish / Pippa / shoes / jeans

I'm still playing around with how to pair mint up color-wise - worn in excess, you risk looking like a be-scrubbed (if chic) surgeon. However, it can be such a subtle color it almost works as a neutral; I also like how internet BFF Shabby Princess has it paired up with coral. Today* I'm pairing it with whites and nude neutrals to let the mint stand out.

(*Yes, I - avowed skinny jean avoider - am giving them a test run. I have not forsaken you, bootcuts of yore, but I'm begrudgingly trying to keep up with the times - just in time for the trend to go away, if my track record on style resistance/acceptance is any indication.)

Anyone else having a minty moment - or in sudden need of some Junior Mints?


{Jessica} said...

I am in LOVE with that minty Modalu Pippa bag. My fingers are literally itching to hit the 'checkout' button and send that sweet little bag zipping my way. But somehow I just don't think my royal hubs would approve...sigh. So, I will wait. And continue lusting after it.

Carly Anne said...

Mint may very well be my best color. I have used this as justification to go on a spring-long shopping spree.

Jen said...

I haven't been over to your blog in so long! Glad I got back to it. I'm feeling really drawn to the soft minty greens and blues. I agree that if it's subtle enough it can almost be a neutral. Love the look of your site!

Nat said...

Oh I need that Pippa bag! I have yet to jump on the mint trend. I'm thinking accessories might be my go to this season

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Obviously that mint Pippa is the big winner here. I'm not sure if I can work the mint in...maybe just some polish.

[darci @ the good life] said...

For the love! That mint Modalu Pippa bag is gorgeous! And yes, I'm obsessed with mint and coral right now. I found the cutest mint colored blazer at Forever 21 for $30 and have yet to wear it.... I'm thinking date night. My best friend was wearing some mint skinny jeans the other day and I made her put on the blazer...... mint overload. It was quite funny. She walked into the living room to ask her hubs what he though...acting completely serious. I died.

And I'm right there with you --- I go back and forth with certain trends and then once I decide I'm on board, they're no longer popular. Awesome.

Ps - I just have to tell you that I still LOVE your blog after all of this time. That sounds random and somewhat lame, but maybe you've noticed that tons and tons of peeps are trying to become crazy popular mom bloggers and just aren't "the same" anymore. I've actually stopped keeping up with some of my favorite friends / blogs because the content is just so dry and planned, ya know? Anyway, I just thought I'd tell you that I still TRULY enjoy following keep me laughing!

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