Monday, April 23, 2012

Smug Mummy Style: A Colored Denim Copy-Kate

I'm a mature, thirtysomething year old woman of substance, not given to thinking of myself as royalty despite my flagrant overuse here of the royal "We".  And so it goes that I certainly did not arise at 3 a.m. nearly one year ago to pretend I was a princess and fall over myself with girl crushing on a certain Princess Shinylocks getting hitched that day.

Yeah, we definitely did not - not not not! - do just that on April 29th, 2011, Twitter evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. Nope:

My kingdom for a fascinator.

And so it logically follows that we are not waiting with some excitement - I mean, I would *never*- for the upcoming one-year-anniversary of a certain Duchess and her Prince, the Duke of Please Keep Your Hat On. And not buying the umpty-million trashy magazines shamelessly flogging re-tread Wills & Kate photos and pregnancy rumors. Um.

Thankfully for you, a certain blogger gets to channel some of this tragic fangirl-ism into an upcoming trip across the Pond - yes, I am a lucky bastard (or would be, if I were capable of using indelicate terms like "bastard" without clutching my pearls). Until then, I'm throwing together some Kate-inspired togs that can withstand both the travel there and the toddler here.

Remember that candy-colored denim post as inspired by La Shinylocks' recent wearing of those coral Zara jeans? Here's my take on that for a day of sightseeing and - let's not kid ourselves - shopping, keeping her signature ladylike feel while incorporating high/low basics already in my wardrobe:

Colored Denim, Copy-Kate Style
Clockwise from left: blazer / blouse (budget version here) (also, can anyone say "blouse" without feeling 105?) (Parentheses) / necklace / Pippa / flats / jeans (Zara skinnies similar to Kate's here) / bracelets / sparkle
And here's how I wore it over the weekend, subbing in the above Gap jeans which better suit my pear shape, budget equivalents of that blouse and blazer (no longer available online, unfortunately), and my warm weather Church of (Tory) Burch "Miller 2" sandals:

Neveryoumind what I wrote recently about not pairing black with neon - think the blue dots tie it together nicely here, eh? Besides, if you can't contradict yourself on your own blog, where can you?
With the colored, usually skinner denim, I pair a looser top to counterbalance the slender bottoms, a mix that keeps things more classic Duchess and less Kardashian (and no, I will not spell "classic" with a "K", forces of pop culture evil).

Lest you fear hope I'm done with my royal obsessing, rest assured I'll be posting more Copy-Kates over the next few weeks. Not that I'm, ya know, hoping that via my expertly selected wardrobe & mere presence in the UK she & I will become instant friends or something. Um.


Emily said...

I am wearing my very first colored denim (since 5th grade) today!

And also, may I please hide in your luggage?

Elz said...

I bought the Zara jeans before I knew they were worn by Princess Awesomehair. So excited. I really love them. With the addition of my Pippa in gray, I'm a dead ringer--hahahahahaha! I love the addition of the Toms flats, I may need to try that soon.

Adrienne said...

AHH! So cute :)

I'm going to London this summer. I need more hats.

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Can't wait to read about your travels across the pond. Your styling skills are making me green as always.

Nat said...

So cute, I love the color combo! I still can't find a colored denim that I love!

(BAD) Blog About Design said...

I love the bangles :)

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