Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Smug Mummy Style: Colorblocking the Arm Party

This post is not sponsored or solicited in any way; it is merely further proof of my rampant materialism and online shopping browsing hobby. As if we needed further proof. Ahem.


Enough with the worrying and career kvetching - let's get back to the business of being Prettier than Everyone Else, shall we?

Spring typically comes with a burst of color for our wardrobes - what's happening in nature is generally happening in our closets. For many of us of a preppish bent, if at least one spring item of apparel isn't screaming with color, things start to feel positively . . . well, winter-y. (And as someone who wishes only to partake in winter if it means "apres ski beverages by a roaring fire", that means it's to be avoided.)

Happily for us, two ongoing trends - colorblocking and the arm party - means we can stay true to our vibrantly colored not entirely naturally blonde, ahem roots while staying fashionable. The good news for any fellow Smug Mummies in the audience is that the jingle-jangle of the arm party keeps Baby entertained; the good news for all of us is that you can hop on this trend train at a variety of price points:

Clockwise from upper left: Lilly Pulitzer bamboo bangle / Target bamboo bangles (thanks for the tip, Amy!) / Target bow bracelet / Kate Spade "Carousel" watches / Swell Caroline bamboo bangles / Lilly Pulitzer "Spring Garden" bracelet / Fornash "Gecko" bangles / Fornash bamboo bangles

The brighter, the better - so pile 'em high and wear 'em proudly, either as shown or interspersed with your silver or gold arm party basics (or silver and gold - don't tell Grandmother, but we rebelliously mix both here.) (And randomly use the royal "We" at odd times.) (Parentheses)

Anyone planning to put some Spring in your arm party step? I'll be joining you just as soon as this hateful no-shop Lent plan of mine is over .  .


Amanda Cobb said...

I have a problem with the bangle trend because I have teeny tiny wrists - bangles end up either sliding off my hand or way up to my elbow. So for non-annoyance sake, I have to stick to cuffs with an adjustable opening, or clasp-closure bracelets with extra links for adjustable length. :-\ Sadly, this means I miss out on many great bangle possibilities, like those you pictured.

Sarah said...

C. Wonder (which is Tory Burch's ex-husband's company, scandalous!) has some really cute ones, too:

Emily said...

The Swell Carolines! I love! And now that I have seen Amy's Target bracelets a second time, I must go find them.

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I have yet to wear those bangles...for shame. I really love those new Kate Spade watches too. Still holding out for my David Yurman. Surely I gave the hubs enough hints on that one. Maybe.

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