Thursday, March 29, 2012

Smug Mummy Style: The Chevron Trend

Please note usual disclaimers about how none of these products are sponsored or solicited placements unless otherwise noted, how my definition of "budget" may differ from yours, how I am green eggs & ham, etc.

Remember that thing I said about working trends in around the basics you already have? Yes, it's true - occasionally I have a fiscally responsible idea or two.

Post Lenten shopping ban, I'm plotting to do just that with these colorful chevron patterns floating around. It's an easier pattern to wear than the stripe trend, actually - it draws the eye up & down versus horizontally - but is eye-catching nonetheless. I'm planning to keep my accessories mostly neutral or monotone to better highlight the pattern.

Here are my toddler-friendly looks, both in dream and in "less wildly unrealistic on my budget" edition; I invested in the neutral watch & sandals pictured a while back and am building from there:

Smug Mummy Style: Luxe Chevron
Clockwise from left to right: necklace / watch / dress / ring / sandals / tote (Goyard, unavailable online)

Once upon a time I saw a mom using a Goyard as her diaper bag - for a laid back town, you wouldn't believe the Toddler Totes I sometimes see here. Then I promptly died of envy - after I was done wondering how much grief the inevitable leaky sippycup would cause in such a purse, that is. I'm all for using non-diaper-bags as diaper bags, but . . .

Anywhoo, here's a related dress & bag for a lot less loot. I often pair these shorter spring/summer dresses, a necessity in this Texas heat, with Target leggings for a more chasing-toddler-friendly (and chilly-air-conditioning) look; just throw 'em in your non-diaper diaper tote. Again, I'm incorporating my same sandals & watch here:

Smug Mummy Style - Budget Chevron
Clockwise from left: tote (on sale!) / dress (Piperlime, sold out) / watch / bracelets / sandals

A little kick of coral here really changes the look, yet doesn't detract from the Pretty pattern.

Stay tuned next for my spring Smug Toddler Style looks . . . what, you thought I'd let that DVF for BabyGap collection hit without styling it for my imaginary future daughter?


{Jessica} said...

Love the Tory Burch sandals! And the chevron trend as well, of course. Can't wait to see what you do with the DVF for Gap line. Saw it on the Today show, and my only thought was: "How can I squeeze myself into some of these items?" I mean really.

Jessica Hudson said...

A friend had on the long Ella Moss dress the other day and it's completely adorable. She's shorter and it still looked amazing. I have a short one like it from years back I still wear (when I'm not human growing). LOVE it all!

Adrienne said...

Prior to this post, I was unaware of alternate uses of the word Chevron. So, thank you, for expanding my fashion vernacular.

Diary of a Domestic Failure said...

Green is my favorite it all!

Lindsey said...

Loveeeeee all the chevron going around and I am desperately trying to find something chevron that doesn't make me look silly!! These are great finds :)

ms. mindless said...

I have a hard time wearing chevron patterns. They seem to not work for me. On the Goyard diaper bag - I bet that if one uses a Goyard tote for a diaper bag, spills are the least of one's worries, right? May as well buy a new one!

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

I wish I would have gone with the non-diaper-bag as diaper bag thing. Instead, I spent (probably too much) extra for a diaper bag that doesn't actually look like a diaper bag. Winnie the Pooh prints on nylon just weren't doing it for me.

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