Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting Back to Your Secret Superpowers

Remember those things you loved to do most as a little kid, the things you proudly identified yourself as - "I'm a soccer player" or "I'm a reader geek", back before things like modesty and Being an Adult got in the way?

It's an odd place, this approaching the mid . . . thirties. There, I admitted it, in public, here on the interwebs for all to read. As I inch into decrepit elderly status, I'm actually getting more young in some ways.

Of course, life now doesn't quite have that carefree, "What will I be when I grow up" wonder to it as it did in my not-so-recent twenties - thank God. I have neither the energy nor the vanity anymore to properly devote myself to a quarter-life crisis, though if I concentrate I can still hear the faint strains of the Alanis & John "Wish We Didn't Know What a D-Bag He Actually Is" Mayer soundtrack emoting softly.

I don't know that I have any more answers at 34 (it's awful seeing that number just sitting there baldly like that). However, not only do I feel like I'm finally reaching some of those picket-fence life milestones, I'm also getting back to the things I really love to do, those things where I am most Me, the stuff I was too busy studying partying and daydreaming and careering through my twenties to have time for - if you'll forgive me the cheese, they are my "3 Rs" of readin', writin', and horseback ridin'.

Clearly my inability to look decent in a photo is also an ongoing superpower - let's focus instead on the cute pony.

I'm writing more. I'm reading more, and one day, I hope to get back to the riding. About that latter bit - I'm one of those girls who never truly recovered from the pony phase of life. While I have neither the resources nor the time now to get back into it on the competitive level, the desire is there, quietly biding its time in the background. I can't wait to give Master P his first riding lesson, and not only because that will give me the excuse to sneak one in for myself, but to see if that joy is there for him as well.

Ironically, of course, this return to my roots comes at a moment when I've never had less free time. The thing is, the older I get the more I gain a Yoda-like perspective on this - if you want to make something happen, you will figure it out someday, somehow.

Funny how as we get older, if we're lucky, we become more childlike too - and I don't mean in that tired "old people wear diapers" (hold me . . . ) sense. Rather, as much as I've changed over the years, those places where I most truly know joy, know peace, have not. In the pages of a book, typing at a keyboard, or holding the reins is where I'm at my best, and I'm finally old (young?) enough to start realizing it.

What are some of your secret superpowers you hope to get back to one day?


Belle on Heels said...

This picture is just fabulous!

Lilly said...

Love the photo! I have tried to do one thing I loved in middle school before hanging out at the mall and boys trumped hobbies. Last year I took ice skating lessons (there is definitely a height disadvantage for gettin back on the ice as an adult) and this year, ironically, it is horseback riding. I got a 4-class package to a stables a little south of Dallas and I am eager to get started! This will be such an incredible passion to pass on to your son!

Chas said...

Also riding! but not the classy English style - I was a real little cowgirl. :)

I also want to start creating again...maybe sewing. Although the last thing I need is one more thing cluttering up the dining room table.

Kristen said...

SO happy to read this. Seems like having a son and reaching milestones just gives you even more clarity about how to spend your time. I've also been embracing the reading and riding sides of myself and it feels amazing! Not so much the writing part if you've noticed, but I might work on that one. Might. Anyway, riding has been so great for me, especially during transitional times. Horses have a calming effect on me.

And I LOVE the picture! You're a natural! Happy weekend :)

Adrienne said...

This is so cool :) I've noticed that now that I am done with college, I'm started to be more interested in those-- what are they called? Oh yes, hobbies. I'm thinking of even taking a choir class! Crazy stuff! But seriously, that's awesome, enjoy life!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Well if Betty Draper can find the time to make it to the stables in between her therapy sessions, drinking while pregnant and gossiping about the neighbors, then surely you can!

Seriously though, what an elegant pastime (and riding clothes, TDF.) Horses and I don't have a good relationship, but I would like to find more time to do crafty things and also work on perfecting my sugar cookie skills.

Meg said...

_such_ a cute photo! The first thing I'll do when I get some time is make doctors appointments- all the regulars.
Is that ridiculous?

The Shabby Princess said...

That picture is beyond fabulous. As you know, I've not grown out of the pony phase either and I sincerely hope you are able to get back in the saddle SOON and teach Master P the ways of the barn and--oh my gosh! It just all makes me so happy! And you have a pony to ride anytime you come up here, don't forget!

Lulu said...

Pardon the rediculous phrase, but I literally saiy Oh Em GAW (in my head) when I saw this photo- what a gorgeous horse! I'll totally hop the pony train with you, friend... the Mr is polo OBSESSED, so I'll be shocked if we're not pony parents in the next year or 2.

I think we're having the same realization (though our "when I have time for..." period will be coming a little later, since the baby still needs to arrive first and all).

I'm happy to be in the book and pony camp with you, friend!

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