Monday, March 5, 2012

Douchebags with Kites, or What I Learned This Weekend

"Your best isn't good enough!" Talk about a phrase destined to strike fear in a new parent's (cold, icy) heart - is there anything we fear more? - even if the person issuing those choice words is a douchebag with a kite.

Mildly relevant sidebar: "Douchebags with Kites" is the name of my new band - we're auditioning lead guitar today at happy hour if anyone is interested?

With those harsh words still ringing in my ears, we sped off in the Trophy Wife Wagon to spend the weekend with dear friends in Houston. These are the sorts of friends who you have in your life not only because, you know, you like them and stuff, but because they are the people you want to be when you grow up. Have the type of marriage you want to have, parent their kid with the affection, wisdom and grace you only hope you one day can muster too. They have their fights and their foibles like anyone else, of course, but just being in their presence somehow makes me want to do better.

(And yes, friend L is a reader of this here blog, so this surreptitious sucking-up is also done in hopes that she'll send me more of her delightful baked goods - hi, L!)

It was just what the doctor ordered since my actual doctor refuses to prescribe me festive anti-anxiety meds when I ring her up at 5 pm on a Friday claiming a drive-by parenting emergency - a little Texas spring sunshine, trips to the playground, good food, good wine, and cupcakes were just what we - fine, ok, *I* - needed to return home refreshed:

Funny how the douchebags fade into the background with a few miles and a swing or two in between you. My best is doing just fine once again, thankyouverymuch - and thank *you* very much for the kind words of support over the weekend. Mwah.


Belle on Heels said...

Stop with the cuteness. So darn precious!

Rachelle said...

Your best is fantastic - glad to hear that you and the family had such a rejuvenating trip to Houston. Nothing quite like a change of scenery to make unpleasantries fade into the background... Of course, adorable toddlers help with that as well - pushing better, happier images to the fore!

The Shabby Princess said...

Can I be in the band and play the tambourine? PLEASE?!

The Preppy Princess said...

Can I be the Tour Manager? And The Consort would really like to design the band's logo, if that's okay by you. (A suggestion on that offer from TC: here's where you invoke Nancy Reagan, just say 'no'.)

I'm so happy you had a good trip, I *love* the new photos!

Adrienne said...

Adorable pictures! I'm so glad you got to relax :) You can have a singer and a drummer for your band, but we're in Arizona!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

D-bags at the park are ill-equipped to make such sweeping statements about anyone's parenting skills. Nothing like a time away with friends to put a little perspective back in life...glad you got out of town for some down time (and sweet treats!)

Wiz said...

Wow! It never ceases to amaze me how people talk to mothers with kids!! I have been lucky to never have had a stranger be rude but I probably would ever so classily drop the f bomb...or lets be really honest - I probably wouldnt do anything and think about what I should have done for weeks!! I always think though that people (especially older ones) who would be outright hateful about a small child must be pretty unhappy with their life and really, we should just feel sorry for them!

Your son is precious! What part of TX are you in? I just moved to Dallas from Nashville in October and am loving it!

Elkie D said...

As per my typical tardiness, I am of course reading this post weeks late. What a frustrating experience! Way to stand up for yourself while keeping it classy.

We loved having you here to visit, as we always do. As usual, you are too kind, but let's just go ahead and call it a mutual admiration society, shall we?

P.S. Anytime you need some baked goods, you know I'm your girl. No compliments required.

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