Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Will "Vogue" Cancel My Subscription for This?

Mildly Important Subtitle: "Not That I Have Time / Energy / Money to Properly 'Vogue' Now, But It's the Principle of the Thing. You'll Pry That Subscription Out of My Cold, (Still Manicured, Occasionally!) Dead Hands."

Not to worry, darlings - it isn't terminally serious. I mean, I haven't started wearing Crocs or anything else truly poisonous to the soul.

But . . . but . . .

Today was both awesome and a reminder of just how far I've strayed from the days when my biggest joy was whatever shoe bargain I'd unearthed. I'm still just as superficial, of course, but these are the Smug Mummy days when I find a peace beyond a Pretty fashion find.

Amongst today's highlights, Master P and I went to our first Little Gym class - and it's up for debate who adored it more. Hand to heart at one point I was crawling around on the floor barking like a dog, and not even in an ironic or kinky way.

That in and of itself isn't so bad, though - I imagine even the Plum Sykeses of the world, the most "Vogue" of Voguettes, enjoys a toddler gym class every now and again. It gets worse, however . . .

I crafted. AGAIN. And I had fun doing it. *hangs head in shame*

Still suffering from a severe case of Pinterest-itis, today I finished my piece de resistance, this drip pan turned magnetic chalkboard & magnets for the wee CEO's play area. Unlike my last burst of creative energy, this was cheap, this was easy - insert joke here - and I'd do it again to see the delight on Master P's face when he discovered it after his naptime (speaking of resistance):

 "Holy (stuff), Mama went to the craft store TWICE and Walmart to do this. I hardly know her anymore." He's too young for the chalk but loved the magnets.
Before you start calling me Martha, I do not - I do not, you can't make me, nanny nanny boo boo! - take credit for this project idea. Not only because I'm only crafty in the diabolical sense, but because my board was the hybrid of two other bloggers' original posts - here and here. Also, I'm guessing you're here not for craft ideas but for . . . ? Shoe purchase enabling? Nevertheless, I will post how step-by-step directions of this mash-up if anyone is interested.

For a similar idea - adorable fabric-covered magnet board - check out today's post from my sister wife mommyblogger favorite, AP. Apparently I'm not only infected with the Pinterest but also inadvertently knocking off my favorite bloggers, so at least my knack for being derivative is still intact (if not my pride).

In all seriousness, it felt wonderful to have gotten it "right" today with my wee CEO, one in which he was clearly enjoying the day's events. Not to say we don't almost always have fun, but there was just a joy beyond stilettos here today.

And with that, I'm off for some restorative "In Style" reading - just after I finish this alphabet wall project. Apparently this Pinterest thing is catching, so you all may want to log off your laptops and hide beneath the nearest "Elle" until it passes.


If you're still here reading after all the soccer mom stuff of late, I have a chic, clothes-not-children giveaway lined up for tomorrow, followed by more shoes. Do the shoes cancel out the crafts? Pretty please?


The Lee Family Happenings said...

I need one of those!!!! I love your writing by the way :)

Tippy said...

Your next post better be about mascara or haircare products.

I kid, I kid. I love the look of your playroom and you did a superb job on the chalkboard.

I snorted when I read about you barking and not in an ironic way. LOL


Mel said...

Would it kill you to at least throw in a handbag pic with these posts?! ;)

You HAVE to post step-by-step. My niece would love this! I'm sure i'll still find a way to screw it up...but it's the thought that counts, right?

Ann On and On... said...

You are seriously cute... what a fun post.

Wendy said...

Love it! Those of us that are both stylish and crafty really appreciate these types of posts! See, we can have it all!!!

Kate said...

ooooh I'd love to make one of these for H's playroom. How fun! Going to bookmark the how to

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