Thursday, February 9, 2012

TOMS Spring '12: Pretty Goes Granola

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Point the second: this is not a paid or solicited post in any way; sadly, it's merely the result of my own shopping vice hobby.


Brussel sprouts. The Prius. Al Gore. Things that are good for you tend to be, well . . .  they're usually not the Prettiest, are they?

I've long thought this of TOMS shoes, much as I've wanted to love them for their "For each pair you buy, a unicorn gets its horn" policy (or child in need gets a pair - something like that) and Austin street cred. The ubiquitous sparkly little girl ones are darling, of course, but I just couldn't talk myself into their aggressively spartan women's wares . . .

. . . until now, that is. TOMS has taken a turn for the classic, so I'm test driving the following ballet flats:

"Alessandra" (sadly, now showing as sold out)
As a long-time parishioner at the Church of (Tory) Burch, I feel a bit traitorous about this, if also pleased to have a lighter-on-the-wallet Revas alternative. I'm less likely to cry should these suffer a sandbox scuff on one of our playground runs.

Speaking of, I happened upon some shoe happiness for the wee CEO too; brace yourself for . . . TEENY TINY BOAT SHOES (apologies for the Caps Lock shouting, but you'll see what I mean):

"Chambray Bimini"
At nearly half the price of the toddler Sperry Topsiders I've been eyeing, these were an obvious choice for my mini style blogger in training. (Speaking of price, promo code "ShareToms" was working for $5 off as of this writing.)

I'll report back with our fashion findings on these once they arrive - do you think my Angel*ina Jolie Smug Earth Mummy merit badge will be included with package?


Tiffany said...

HOW did you find them? I was on the Nordstrom site last week and they were sold out save size 12 (good lord, size 12??) They're so cute and classic - I need a full report on their comfort after you wear them a few (hundred) times.

Master P's shoes are waaaay cute. And prep. A+

And thank goodness you followed up that crafty chalkboard post with a post about fashion. Even peace-love-and-beads fashion.

You're forgiven.


Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

I so want a pair of Toms flats, I love those two tone ones! So cute! :)

Wendy said...

Ahhhggg - just when I'm trying to save money you go and show me these! Looked on the site - love the solid black ones too - may be just what I need to get through the spring! I have the hardest time finding shoes I like, but I love these!

Anonymous said...

I have the two tone Alessandra's but in the black with tan accents and i LOVE them! They do run big, though, so I would recommend sizing down.

Katie said...

Thanks for finding the Tom's ballet flats. I have friend who have raved about how comfortable the originals are, but I could never get over the aesthetics. I am so excited to finally find an alternative.

how i met your father blog said...

i love the alternative to the icky ugly toms - i love the idea behind the company, but cannot stand the ickiness of the shoes.

loving the two tone flats - gorgoeus! thanks for the tip!

Kate said...

I love TOMS for quick errands or just when you need to throw on something easy. The ballet flats look perfect for that!

Emily said...

I saw them when Nordstrom was previewing them and couldn't decide what I thought about them. They are a huge improvement over the originals, although I have two pair that are both very comfortable.

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Those baby shoes, I DIE! LB needs to step it up, he's still in a size 4.

I (not too proudly) sport my silver glitter Toms around the house and occasionally in carpool.

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