Thursday, February 23, 2012

Posting About Posting: Managing Your Social Media Circus

I accidentally started an irregular regular series about social media; I can't quite figure out why except that it makes for a nice break from the usual fantasy handbag shopping posts. Anywhoo, you can read more here and here and here if you're having trouble sleeping.


Last night I was scrolling through Instagram while keeping one eye on my laptop's Tweetdeck feed, when I remembered that I had yet to update this site's Facebook page that day (as opposed to my regular "real life" Facebook feed, which I hadn't gotten around to either). Then I remembered I hadn't been virtual shoe shopping on Pinterest in a few hours; I remembered this because I was reading how we should apparently be using Pinterest to promote our blogs too. However, if I spent time getting caught up over there I'd fall behind on responding to blog comments here . . .

*hits head on keyboard*

. . . and then I threw my hands up in the air and admitted that I may have reached the point of social media bankruptcy, where I've taken on too much to do any one of them well. Where, in attempting to keep up with everyone everywhere, I might be taking away from things like valuable shoe research time (and, um, family and friends). Remember back when it was this easy?

Sigh - me too, barely. I was astounded to find just how many I have going right now - the ones I can remember, that is - once I sat down to tally them up:
  • Blog (duh)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook, both "real life" & blog accounts
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Goodreads
  • LinkedIn
Granted, I don't devote the same amount of time to all of these - this ol' blog and the Twitter are where my icy, near-dead writer's heart lies, so I actively engage in those on a regular basis. I more passively check in on the others, not worrying too much about how much I'm contributing or reading there, but just knowing they exist is causing me some stress.

I'm considering paring down, aside from here & with le Twitter . . . my LinkedIn profile seems the obvious chopping block candidate, as it basically exists only to . . . I have no idea. In fact, I've never quite seen what the benefit of that one was, aside from serving as the slightly more professional, work-sanctioned way to spy on your exes versus Facebook. 

I'm stumped, though, as to how to manage the rest. I really enjoy them and, as someone who is not paid to do most of this, I have the benefit of checking in & out of them at my leisure. Even so, would I gain some sanity points & more time for my "Economist" "US Weekly" reading if I scaled back somewhere?

How do you balance your social media fun? Have you declared bankruptcy and scaled back, or have you found a reasonable way to keep it all going?


AEOT said...

I don't do twitter. I know I miss out on a lot in blogland because of it and probably will never be as "close" to people that I don't know (!), but I just can't maintain that too. I haven't even blogged this week due to massive time constraints with B being out of town and having to accomplish 8,000 things on my own that I can't imagine having to worry about checking up on twitter as well. FB is my quick go to at the end of the night and the easiest way for me to keep in touch with people. I adore pinterest, but that's just for fun and ideas- not to promote anything. Honestly, though, I blog for me and not to promote me at all (obviously, I'm sooooo not a regular or even good blogger!!). I love the conversations I have with people like me all over the US and I love seeing what others who are in similar situations are going through. I can't access much at work (no FB, no pinterest, no twitter, etc), so thank goodness I still can check my reader at lunch and during slow times in the afternoons. That has really been the reason I don't "need" to do all the other stuff. If I can't access it, it steals into my family time at night and it's just not worth it. I want to spend every last second prior to bed playing with, feeding, bathing, etc Spence since I'm not home with him during the day. I think it would be different if I were home all day and needed a grown up outlet.

undomestic chica said...

I have LinedIn but am not active on it at all. The other stuff overwhelms me too, unfortunately my blog's facebook page suffers.

Maggie said...

Oh, that graphic is amazing!

Lindsey said...

This is fabulous Melissa!!! I have the blog, twitter & Facebook and I find that twitter is #1 right now, then blog, then Facebook mainly because FB is having a lot of dramam going on that I don't need right now- lol ;)

LPC said...

I think as long as you are clear what you are where for (like that was clear), all will work out.

Adrienne said...

Great post! I spend more time on Twitter and my blog. I use Pinterest for fun and inspiration for my event planning business inspiration and Facebook to keep up with my peeps. I do have a FB page for my blog but it has 15 likes so clearly that may not be working for me. I have a linkedin profile but don't use it. I also started vlogging so now my youtube channel may need some attention. I'm overwhelmed by how much is out there.

Chas said...

I cut out twitter & don't miss it. I have very little time right now, so all I can keep up with is email and Facebook (real life account). I have a nanny a few hours a week starting next week so I'll be back to blogging regularly. I miss it!

CBK @ Plan Acourtingly said...

The graphic is hilarious! I recently deactivated my FB for a break, but I'm all about Twitter. Not so much Pinterest, and I rarely check LinkedIn unless I get a connect request

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I need to scale back. I'm unplugging this weekend and using it as a reset on all of my internet activities. More than anything I have trouble keeping up with reading blogs and commenting at the rate that I would like.

The more I blog the more I realize that it's never going to be career. It's purely recreation and should be enjoyable, not work. I don't need to stress about posting or not posting because it's really just for me.

Getting up early is helping me with the anxiety of feeling out of the loop. I also finally made lists on Twitter. Happy juggling!

Beth Dunn said...

I love my blog (but I only blog 3x a week) and twitter is fun. But I don't mind if I don't go on fb or any of them for a few days or miss a week. I've never been on pininterest but it sounds fun

Meg said...

Ha! Your post reminds me of a "portlandia" when Fred Armistan has all his devices and is going crazy tweeting, liking, updating. Btw...have you seen Portlandia? You may get kick out of the Portland/Austin-isms.

[diane] said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog and have a soon-to-be public blog myself. I love your honest writing style and disdain for the word "moist" - this literally gives my SIL the willies and makes us laugh because of course we cannot think of another word to use in its place.

Just getting my blog up and running is difficult with real-life, blog-worthy events happening as well as keeping up with funny and stylish blogs like yours.

And I agree, LinkedIn is the first to go -- did you know people can see when you've viewed their profile?? No cyber-stalking means it's dropped from the list. :)

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