Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Son the Style Blogger

I can just see you rolling your eyes, "A toddler style blogger - what, like one of those "outfit of the day" ones that (adult) bloggers do? What dim-witted idea are you scheming up now?"

Bear with me here. Consider:

Shirt: BabyGap (thrifted) / Shorts (Children's Place, old) / Shoes: H&M (thrifted) / Pensive Stare into Middle Distance: (genetics)

He is . . .

(1) Staring pensively into the middle distance (of the refrigerator, perhaps, but no matter);
(2) Wearing a suspiciously nice outfit given his income level;
(3) Sporting an entirely "thrifted" outfit save the shorts, which were a gift;
(4) Mysteriously always accompanied by someone with a DSLR camera at the ready.

I mean, have I just stumbled onto a lucrative blog niche here, if not the new hit toddler reality TV series - all he needs is an agent and some of those "c/o" free clothes from Prada or similar free handbags for the nightmare stage mom I'm destined to become and we're good to go, right? Right?

(PS - Where is that Sarcasm Font when I need it, where where where?)

(PPS - Pretty please see my mama role model OH Mommy's post for an example of an actually good idea for a kiddo blog, entirely unlike the drivel you see here. xoxo)


Rachael said...

I LOVE OH Mommy. Fifi makes me smile like no other and I always tell my husband OH Mommy and I could be friends. Love her family..

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I really think you may have stumbled on an idea here. Surely we could put together a Styled Sons of Mommy Bloggers blog. Or calendar at least.

Love some thrifted/consigned clothes. The sales are starting up around here, though I need to evaluate what I've already purchased...have gone a little crazy with the matchy-matchy. It's a coping tactic which ensures my babies won't grow up.

Tippy said...

He is SOOOOO cute. And those shoes are wee and precious!

Mindee and Austin said...

I love that you did this!! I think its adorable how moms sometimes do "what their kids wear", Ive done it before and its pretty darn fun. So let this not be the last time : ) Your little boy is too cute! Love his outfit!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

sign that boy up!

i would say three quarters of E's outfits are consigned and thrifted. you get barely worn clothes for a fraction of the cost. sold!

E told me she might have a crush on this cutie ;) i think it's the shirt..

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