Monday, February 27, 2012

Lent, A Time to Reflect and/or Shop Your Closet

Many Christians amongst us know this time of year as Lent, a time in which we give up fun things in order to better focus on, ya know, God and stuff. Not to worry - I'm not going to lecture you about religion here. Not only is that well beyond the scope of this champagne bubble of a blog, but like any good Episcopalian, I'm much more comfortable beating you over the head about your handbag choice than with my Bible.

Anywhoo, last week the Anonymous Husband announced his intentions to resume this Lenten tradition - in his case, sacrificing his favorite swear word (yes, only one of us is a prude here at Pretty HQ) - which caused me to ponder whether I should join in too. I realized over the weekend that some of that online noise I've been stressing about was thanks to my shopping- nothing too excessive, mind you, but I've admittedly been paying more attention lately to whatever flash sale was up that day than whether I - or Master P, or the AH - really needed the item in question. We're fortunate enough to be set stuff-wise for the time being.

And so from this day forward I'm giving up the shopping full stop, be it online or otherwise, from now until Easter, and resolving to do a better job of shopping my own closet in the meantime. I won't bore you with the step-by-step of that, but I did have fun poring over some items I'd forgotten about and pulling out some old new favorites over the weekend:

At the Poshmark party, in vintage dress & Steve Madden clutch
I also took a haul of clothes to the tailor today, surprising myself with how much I have that just needed a tweak to come back into regular rotation:

At the tailor's doing my best "Angelina" in my *jazz hands* Princess Shinylocks / Zara dress 
Not that Lent is about convenience, but I've picked quite the month to refrain from the retail - next month I've got a blogging conference and weddings to attend, any one of which would usually send me straight to the mothership (e.g., Nordstrom). That in & of itself is a sign that this shopping pause is a good thing, both for my soul and for my savings account.

Fear not, darlings - I'll continue to post style nonsense here and fantasy shop over at Pinterest per usual, as well as any mentioning any noteworthy purchases that were ordered pre-Lent (*cough* driving mocs *cough*). I just won't be weighing the cost of my child's future HarvarYalStanPrinceMouth college education vs. whatever bag I'm coveting.

Anyone else giving up something for Lent and/or striking silly poses in tailor shops?


the Frugal Ecologist said...

we have the same tailor! I love Laura - she updated my mom's wedding dress so that I could wear it at my wedding. good reminder to take in those things that could use a tweak so that we can get the most use out of them.

Mrs. Type A said...

I have been meaning to get to a tailor for weeks now because I have a few things I haven't been wearing that need to be taken in or hemmed, etc. MUST do that!

Elz said...

I've given up shopping before and it SUCKS. I always forget to buy the girls' Easter stuff before Lent and then I'm screwed. This year I'm giving up all cursing and...well, it's not going so well.

Lilly said...

This is a really great idea! I struggled to find something that was more selfless and less waistline oriented (I usually give up candy but that can be more about skinny jeans and less about Jesus). I signed up to record children's stories on a hotline used by CPS workers in Dallas. It's been really fun!


Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I have given up shopping in the hard! I did clean out my closet this weekend and have a stack of things to tailor as well. It's really sad how quickly 4 years can go by and you haven't worn something (so say the dry cleaning tags.)

I do love your Angelina pose--much better than I did hers. Yuck.

The Shabby Princess said...

I'm so beyond proud of you for the Angie's Leg pose. Seriously.

Wendy said...

That is a great idea! Love the gold purse!

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