Friday, February 3, 2012

Jackie O & the Pinterest Problem

You know when you get one of those day-dreamy mental pictures of what having kids might be like?

Image from via Pinterest

When this image popped up in my Pinterest feed the other day, I couldn't help but laugh; this is one of the most idyllic - and fraudulent - depictions of that sort of mental confection I've seen. Camelot indeed.

Don't get me wrong - like any girl young lady thirtysomething person worth her pearls, I 'ship at the altar of our former First Lady & High Priestess of Prep here. The thing is, this image of a woman perfectly coiffed, calmly working on her Art whilst her equally well-turned out daughter quietly paints in the background, is . . . um . . . not something this mother of a young toddler boy / wildebeest recognizes, though I confess I envisioned scenes like this PK ("pre-kid", natch).

Seized by a case of the Pinterest - you swear that sort of thing could never happen to a nice, Nordstrom-loving girl like you - in the past week I somehow decided the wee CEO and I were going to get artistic. Crafty, even, and not in my usual diabolical sense.  There were trips to multiple craft and home improvement stores involved. I was going to foster my child's creativity! Weave a magical, stimulating home environment in which his budding young creative mind could thrive! Exclamation point!

Readers, I am not proud. This is coming from the blogger who used to believe in "homemade" only to the extent I could buy an item lovingly made in someone else's home. Somehow this all feels like the inaugural tumble down the slippery slope to a minivan and mom jeans.

Speaking of broken dreams, here's how our decidedly non-Jackie O salon du toddler art is going so far:

- Crayons eaten by dog, as fed to him by toddler (3)
- Dogs now sick from crayon ingestion (1)
- Marker stains on hardwood floors despite fraudulent "washable" claim (3)
- Crayons stuffed under the couch (6)
- Child prodigy drawings produced, thus assuring early admission to HarvarYaleOxforPrinceton (0)
- Child drawings produced of any sort whatsoever (0)
- Half-completed gallery walls, as designed by yours truly (1) (photos to come, like it or not!) (not)

Um, yeah. So I may shelve the crayons for a few months until Master P shows more of an interest in, you know, drawing with them.  I am, however, going to persist in finishing off the few playroom crafts I've started, if only to show that I can - and, truth be told, because I'm secretly enjoying it. EEK.

Beware the Pinterest, kids; as far as I know, there's no cure for it yet. Or is there - what would Jackie O do?


Belle on Heels said...

Nope. As a Smug Newlywed with zero experience in childrearing, I'm CERTAIN my days with children will look EXACTLY like this. Yep. Totally going to happen.

Lilly said...

I was Pinterest resistant as well, to the point of Pinterest turning me off to the mommy movement in general because I enjoy decorating my home with art that extends beyond renderings made via a child's messy handprint. All it took was a few goods pins and last weekend I did venture beyond the custom framing area of Jo-Ann's and I created and blogged about (making it official) a few home crafts. I am excited to see your finished playroom projects!


Carly Anne said...

I have marker stains on my hardwood floors and I do not have children, nor play with markers. I really don't know how they got there - perhaps Pinterest is seeping into my brain and I've begun to sleep-craft.

for a different kind of girl said...

You can live in the White House, but you can NOT let a child paint in a white outfit!! That rule is not negotiable!

The English Preppy said...

haha - I get the dog LOVED the crayons! Caspar likes drawing on himself a lot, or in my agenda - I opened it the other day ad=nd he had written 'poo poo wee wee' (you have the toilet related obsession still to come - lucky thing!). I consoled myself at least he scrawled in fountain pen.

LPC said...

A few key words. Easels. Paints. Plastic tarps:). And, it's the process not the product. But you knew that.

The Preppy Princess said...

Aww, I love the vision of Master P gleefully stashing his crayons out of sight! The Pinterest peek at your wall is *very* cool, I like it a lot!

Sending you a smile,

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Pinterest is decidedly sexist...toddler boys will not find anything of interest in the crafting world. Note: where is John John in that photo? Likely running around in his underwear and painting his chest.

The Preppy Post Grad said...

Love this post! Oh Jacki O! Also Love HarvarYaleOxforPrinceton (how did you know where I went to school!?)

Tippy said...

What this picture DOESN'T show is Maude Shaw standing just out of frame with a hot towel and a bucket of soap & water.

Lulu {The Home You Make} said...

Do you know I have wanted to start a board just to catalogue all the Jackie O inspired moments I would like to capture with my future children? I want to name it something benign like “photography”. Please don’t tell this PKSM that “Minnie” painting in a smocked white linen dress whilst Mummy creates her own works of art won’t ever happen. Dreams officially shattered.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

we pulled out the paint once. the cat, the couch, and the toddler were covered in less than one minute. i kid you not. and she drank the rinsing water. so yea. not happening again.

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