Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Smug-Worthy Spring Shoes: That Time I Blogged About Something Other Than Kids

Subtitle: "Because Mr. Short-Time Nap Has Ensured That, At the End of a Long But Good Day, I Want to Gaze Quietly at Pretty Shoes."

Sub-subtitle: "Because My Waistline May be Shot Post-Baby But, For the Love of Nordstrom, I'm Not Letting My Accessories Go to Hell Too. Also, I Like Long Titles."

A friend of mine - a fellow congregant at the Church of Tory Burch and chic mom-to-be - and I were recently chatting about the natural progression of footwear. We were comparing our sensible but Pretty, neutral ballet flats and noting that, now in our young(ish) mama thirties, we've moved on into a different phase of style. We're less in the strictly trendy state of mind & more in the investing in classics one, though we don't want to get too responsible about it - yet.

In need of some toddler respite tonight, I took to the Interwebs to suss out what Spring '12 had to offer us, sensible (but not too sensible) flat-wise. The metallic and nude trends seem to be continuing in full force, with plenty of options for whatever your age, spanning the spectrum from budget to Bergdorf's:

Left: Payless "Chelsea Flat" ($17) / Right: Marc by Marc Jacobs "Glittering Mouse Ballerina Flat" ($230) 

Left: Payless "Gloria Flower Flat" ($27); Right: Tory Burch "Metallic Lurex Reva Ballet Flat" ($235)

Left: Steve Madden "Karisma" ($90); Right: Tory Burch "Eddie Ballet Flat with Crystal Bow" ($250)
(Important, Special Note: Yes, I've posted these TB flats before; this is consistent with my theory of "If I blog it, it will go on sale." Results of said theory to date are, um, inconclusive at best.)

Left: Talbot's "Lyla Metallic Leather Tuxedo Flats" ($119); Right: Vera Wang Lavender "Louise 2" ($225)

Top: MICHAEL Michael Kors "Fulton Quilted Moccasin" ($98); Middle: Tory Burch (Yes, TB again) (I know) (Parentheses) "Patent Prescot 2 Ballet Flat" ($250); Bottom: Manolo Blahnik "Quilted Ballerina" ($466)

Left: Kate Spade "Tabby Cap-Toe Ballerina Flat" ($225); Right: Ferragamo "Varina Textured Ballet Flat" ($395)
(With thanks to the inimitable Ms. Privilege, who taught me about the Grande Dame and how I aspire to join their ranks when I grow up.)

Whaddaya think - that look about right to you? Is it wrong that I want to track down those Marc Jacobs sparkly, silly, hopefully-on-sale-somewhere flats right this very minute?


LPC said...

You do know that I own both the Manolo quilted ballet flat and the Varinas, in black. Right? But spring colors, boy, that'd take a bit of courage.

Naptime in Suburbia said...

Love the TB Patent Prescots!

Belle on Heels said...

{Takes a deep breath 'cause this is a long one}

A. Great payless finds. As a smug-twenty, I feel I NEED those flowery flats.

B. Those Ferragamo flats Will. Be. Mine. by the end of 2012.

C. I'm so torn on the MJ mouse flats. Like, they would be darling on a child or extremely hip and brave college gal. I am neither. I guess I am resigned to admire and ponder from afar.

D. I really like shoes a lot and this post is just feeding my addiction.

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Now this is a collection of shoes, bravo! I claim that one day I will reclaim my heels, but for now flats are where it's at for sure.

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