Friday, January 6, 2012

I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Your . . . Writing Space

I seem to have started an irregular regular series on blogging, maybe because I can't afford to indulge my shoe habit every day? In any event, should you have a problem falling asleep at night, you can read more here, here, and here, though the Surgeon General advises against it.


Realtors are always going on about that "Location, location, location" thing being important. I know nothing about that - though I'd gladly pick up a real estate habit given the resources - but as someone who likes this reading & writing thing, I do know that a place to be quiet and create is an important thing. (No, not as important as Nordstrom, obvs, but close.)

In my mind, I write to you in a room that looks very much like this:

                                                   Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

I mean, in such a delectable space surely one could pen the next zombies-meet-"Downton Abbey" (TWO MORE DAYS YES YES YES!) bestselling novel, no?

Alas, the place I go to get inspired - and, as a creature of habit, I go there every time when I'm writing from home - is this one:

That's my version of the Betty Draper fainting couch, outfitted with my blogging necessities: (a) trusty Mac; (b) trusty Pretty Pug; (c) baby monitor; and (d) some fizzy beverage. Things don't go well if one of those is missing.

Since this is usually coming to you during the wee CEOs naptime in this small, less-than-soundproofed house, there's no music or TV humming in the background. After a loud morning of cheerful toddler babble, there's something very Zen about just hearing the tap-tap-tap of the keyboard.

(This is code for - I often take naps here instead. Obvs.)

Given its exotic locale in my living room, the view from my "desk" offers nothing exciting - TVs and piles of books, basically - except for my writing companion:

Where do you do your writing - home, work (it's ok, I won't tell), or out & about? Want to send me a link to your writing space post here, and I can try to figure out how to do a linkup thingy-madoodle whatever?

(Edited to Add:) Link-Up to Reader Spaces

Forever 29


Postcript - I also just signed up for my very first blog conference. Between that & this writing space nonsense, I'm worrying about what's happening to me - surely I'm not taking this stuff seriously? Am I a chic flat away from the blog equivalent of Star Trek conventions?

Most importantly, what on Earth do I wear to this sort of thing?!?


Mrs. Type A said...

That looks super comfy! And my gosh your pug is adorable :)

Carly Anne said...

The Mister and I are bravely turning our sun-room (kept warm-ish via space-heater) into an office this weekend. Or, at least, that is our intention... I'll keep you posted.

Lindsey said...

Oh how I love the solitude that comes with blogging while it's naptime! I have an office that I usually blog in so that I can upload pics and whatnot but my iPad is serving as a fabulous alternative! And I do my best posts on the couch I believe! :)

Sarah @ Bend it Like Becker said...

I love this! I've been meaning to clean up my sad little desk nook so appreciate the inspiration to do so : )

Love your hardwoods by the way. Hot.

Kate said...

Just substitute a dachshund for Pretty Pug and this is me during naptime!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

You may have given me some content for tomorrow's post :)

I'm jealous of your blog conference...I'm sure you will have a great time! I missed the boat on Blissdom and am a little pouty about it.

Brandy said...

I do my writing in our office at home. It's sort of like a little library but the cool thing is that it's in our bedroom. I mean, it's a separate room, but you have to go in my room to reach the library so it's an extended part of our bedroom. It's why I wanted this house actually. :) But I hate my desk and need a new one and I'm now in love with the picture of the desk you posted. Awesome.

for a different kind of girl said...

If I knew how to link in a comment, I'd link, but instead, I'll just make a messy line of text here that may or may not take you to a post I wrote a few years ago about where I write. Oh, I was such a better, far more prolific writer then...


Hope you're enjoying your adventure!

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