Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How Preschool Hunting (Smug Mummy-Style) is Like Dating

Here's yet another reminder about my stay-at-home-parent writing prompt & link-up for this Friday, January 27th. Link-ups - more fun than your annual OBGYN exam!

(But what isn't, you ask?) (Um . . .) (Whatever.) (Parentheses.)


Could this be The One?

Will I just magically know the One when I meet it? Will there be butterflies?

I'm not having a good hair day. OMG I'm not having a good hair day. Dear St. Catherine, Patron Saint of Shiny Locks and Princes of England, please help. OMG.

Will we want the same things out of life, that same mystical mix of work & play?

Will there be awkward pauses in the conversation, or will our Q&A flow easily?

Given that this is Austin, will they be too much of a hippie for me?

Given that this is Austin, will I not be enough of a hippie for them? (Sidebar: Any ideas on where I could find some tie-dyed organic vegan loafers at the last minute?)

Most importantly, will they get how awesome we are?

And by "we' I obvs. mean "Master P" - and that rad, 80's-style thrifted shirt he's sporting. Real men wear pink.
Thanks to your brilliant advice about my preschool worries, I'm touring yet another preschool tonight, trusting my Jedi Mom Instincts whispering that I need to continue searching for The One. I'm keeping the faith - after all, if my instincts led me to my very first & favorite husband - love you, AH - surely I can manage this too?

Please & thank you for sending me good thoughts and any brilliant questions I should be asking the staff - and, most importantly, a complete, 180 degree hair turnaround . . . 


OHmommy said...

I know a lot of moms will disagree with me but preschool is a glorified play date.

The numbers of enrollment are down dramatically (weak economy) all over the country and even hard-to-get-into preschools in NYC still have openings. You don't neeeeeed to go to preschool because you can accomplish the same results at home and with preschool/gym/dance/soccer/stc classes.

With that said. I love LOVE preschool because it gives me time to get things done while my kids is playing/"learning". Any accredited preschool will be fine. In my honest opinion... I chose our preschool in a very smug way. I hung out at preschool pickup and checked out the moms. I saw the way they interacted with their kids and other moms. Our preschool always has moms hanging out in the parking lot talking and planning next playdates. Other preschools did not have this kind of community. Especially those with carpool drop offs. Be a stalker and drive by some preschools at dismissal. I'm sure you will get a better sense of where both of you will fit in.

Belle on Heels said...

M could take fashion advice from Master P. He is ROCKING his pink. Love it!

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