Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year End (Note: Not a Rear End) in Review

I'm afraid we're going to have to summon that chic mental disguise I mentioned yesterday; though I've mustered the energy to get Pretty today, I'm in a funk about some, ya know, personal demon stuff I'll bore you with at some point here. I need to send it (and myself) to the spa for a peel & salt scrub first.

However, since I believe in faking it 'til you make it - and whatever other cliches that justify my highlights habit - I'm choosing to close out 2011 here on a positive note, like the champagne onesies that will be making their annual New Year's Eve appearance here at our Pretty HQ fete:

Always with a straw, naturally.
                                                  Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Speaking of things for which I'm grateful, I'm thrilled to be back here in blog business this year, after taking a long hiatus to immerse myself in all things b-a-b-y. Grateful for the support of you darlings, whether you be Smug Singletons, Marrieds, or fellow Mommy Mafia members, both in reading your brilliance and in your commenting here on my decidedly non-brilliant drivel.

I'm also thankful for the creative outlet this space continues to give me, for better or worse (worse) (yet you keep reading) (parentheses). In my former lawyerly life, this provided me with a much-needed escape from an ill-fitting career. I like my current, stay-at-home-mom job infinitely better, but this gives me an outlet I hadn't realized I'd still need. In taking a regular bit of time here to do my own thing while Master P snoozes, I find I'm better able to devote myself to him when he's awake.

I leave you in 2011 with a giant, smoochy thank you, and a round-up of my sentimental favorite posts from the year. Not that I think they're any good, of course, but like old-school "90210" reruns, I find myself coming back to these - minus the 1990s babydoll dresses but with all the teen angst, of course:
A merry New Year to you all. Here's to more complaining & Champagne, not necessarily in that order, in 2012 . . . 


Kwana said...

Happy New Year to you friend. Cheers to you in 2012!

Emily said...

And a happy new year to you, dear Pretty!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Cheers to you my pretty, witty friend!

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