Friday, December 16, 2011

That Link-Up to Holiday Decorating Stuff, Undomestic Goddess Style

What I should be doing: trying to convince you all that I'm a retired lawyer turned lifestyle maven, convincing you that you should be emulating my each & every domestic move, Christmas most certainly included. This would of course lead to my eventual HGTV show, QVC merchandise empire, and multiple New York Times bestsellers.

What I am doing instead: taking naps while my wee CEO does the same, in lieu of posting here or wrapping that growing pile of Christmas gifts currently preventing me from entering my Monica closet. And by "wrapping" I mean "fumbling around with the Costco paper and wondering where I hid the gift labels". Praise the Lord and pass the (spiked) eggnog.

Here's the thing: Christmas in the Pretty family is a dual affair - we celebrate the religious event and the kiddo fun. While I un-ironically, 100% love all the festive design fun around Christmas, we're not into the department store display picture of perfection. We put up sentimental Christmas tree ornaments, usually chosen for the associated memory versus appearance, a motley crew of stockings, and a Christmas gnome (more on him below) -  in addition to that half-nekkid tree I mentioned earlier.

That being said, I've genuinely enjoyed reading the domestic goddess, Martha-style blogger Christmas link-ups this week; one of my long-time favorites, Erin, is talking about holiday decor today, so I'm linking to her here and showing you more of our Pretty holiday getup. After all, every classic needs a good alternative counterpart; think of this as the design-impaired Festivus for the rest of us. Or something.

Christmas gnome included. Aw, yeah . . .

The gnome is a longtime Pretty holiday companion - the Anonymous Husband has thrown that Santa hat on each Christmas Day since we've been married - and we have a few other longstanding (FIVE WHOLE YEARS!) traditions at Pretty HQ as well.

Our swingin' remodeled 1960's ranch house has no fireplace, so our stockings are hung with care from . . . really random places:

Santa visits high chairs too, right?

One of my schmoopier parenting moments was painting "Mom" on that stocking - *I'm* Mom now, awww . . . 
Yep - we're those crazy people with stockings for the pets. Ho ho ho-w destined for "Hoarders" are we?

And our half-nekkid tree with ornaments Martha might not approve, but they mean a bunch to us. On the subject of trees: they must be real, and smell delightful, and if I'm not vacuuming Douglas fir out of the baseboards six months later, I'm not happy. Ahem:

Even the tree angel likes hitting the 'nog - or so it would appear.

This being Austin, Texas, we add some local flavor to our festivities too:

We've incorporated some new traditions & decor this year. I talk a good game about Christmas being all about the baby Jesus and the children blah blah, but this being my first year hosting Christmas, I may secretly have made a panicked trip or two to Crate & Barrel recently:

You know you're getting old when things like "investing in Christmas china" starts to make sense; I started my Spode collection this year, young (old) fogey that I am.
Waterford in the foreground, BOB stroller of awesome in the back.
Two additions for the kid who is still too young to really get these additions, but WHATEVER:

Our new advent calendar - which I meant to fill with relevant Bible verses & accidentally filled with candy instead.
Our new plate for Christmas Eve santa cookies, which is doubling as an emergency Christmas card holder in the meantime - our fridge magnets runneth over:

Hi, favorite bloggers whose cards are featured here! *waves*
Last but not least, here's our new toddler nativity . . . not only has the baby Jesus repeatedly been replaced by various vehicles - a good step for NASCAR, perhaps a bad one for mankind - but today we found that the Biblical chronology had been re-arranged & the whole of them had been raptured - with the exception of the sheep (?):

Kinda makes you wanna buy my QVC line of lifestyle goodies, doesn't it? What if I made the commemorative Christmas gnome only $19.99 *plus* shipping & handling? 


The English Preppy said...

haha you don't have to 'convince' us anything! I just like your writing style and 'snarking' haha. Although you do make a good guru and a QVC programme is obviously in the stars for you. Except don't go selling those 't-sip' cushions - they won't sell. Aggie ones will though ;)

LPC said...

For better or for worse, your Christmas looks suspiciously like a High WASP one. And although we try not to say anything, when we see trees with purple ribbons in houses with carpet we put up our noses and avert our gaze. It's wrong, but it's true.

Rachel said...

We use sentimental ornaments, too. I'm still confused on why people have several trees and all of that, although to each their own. Also, I LOVE that Advent Calendar. Would you mind sharing where you found it? I've searched all season for one that I like and haven't had any luck!

Rhiannon said...

Our cat has a stocking. And,'s monogrammed. I'm so ashamed.

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