Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review & Promo Code: Salmon Cove

Important, Special Note: This is a sponsored & solicited review, in that the company contacted me about doing this & sent me the sweater to review & keep. All language & opinions stated are mine, however. I only review items here I deem up to my Pretty standards & that think you'll enjoy.

When the fine folks at prep online retailer Salmon Cove first contacted me, I hadn't heard of the company. My first thought was, "Must be a Vineyard Vines sort of thing." I then wondered, "Hmm, or it could be one of Slynnro's Salmon Situations."

I'm delighted to report that Salmon Cove is neither. Though you'll spot some definite Vineyard Vines parallels, right down to the wee pink logo, Salmon Cove has a more sophisticated take on prep and a more pared-down menu of men's & women's basics. It's the place I'll go to now when I need the higher-end essentials I used to order from the now be-spangled J Crew, like polos for me or button downs for the Anonymous Husband. (Not that I don't love me some sparkle, but there are times when I don't want my cable knit sweater to look as if it were ready for a night at Studio 54.)

Anywhoo, I chose the "Cashmere Blend V-Neck Sweater" ($84) to test drive because cashmere and me are like . . . uh, two things that enjoy spending a lot of time together. Tragically, it's rarely cold enough here in Texas to sport full-blown cashmere, so this blend of my favorite and cotton sounded like the ideal lightweight sweater:

You will note that the model above is not me. That is because whenever I try to get all fashion blogger, "outfit of the day"-y - you know the ones with the mysterious professional photographer friends who just happen to be available to shoot them every day - this happens:

I mean, doesn't that sweater make my camera look AMAZING? You can't even see that I'm having one of those Magical Mom Days in which my hair and makeup are both done. No, really. Pinky swear.

But seriously, this is one comfortable, lightweight sweater, and I consider myself a bit (a lot) of a snob about these things. It's comparable in cut and weight to my favorite Banana Republic v-necks, but the cashmere / cotton blend gives it the quality and comfy feel win. It traveled well with my on my Charleston adventure and has withstood toddler attack, so points for durability too.

Though I haven't seen these in person, I noted a few other Salmon Cove favorites I'm eyeing for holiday presents:

The good people-ness of Salmon Cove goes beyond my lovely sweater - they're offering Pretty readers a fantabulous discount & shipping deal too! Use "ipickpretty" at checkout for 15% off plus free shipping.

Thank you to the kind Owen & Salmon Cove team for this sweet deal. With that, my comfy sweater and I logging off to enjoy a glass of red . . .


AEOT said...

I have a SC polo and I love it. It's seriously the best fitting polo I own. Very flattering. Glad you like the sweater too!!

Chas said...

Very well done ma'dear. I know you were hesitant to do a review, but you kept it you.

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