Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pretty Holiday Gift Roundup, Under $50 Edition

Special Note: none of these products or sites were solicited or sponsored placements. They are all my own naughty, naughty online shopping discoveries or those of my friends, blah blah blah. Speaking of...

Special Sub-Note: Friends, this contains GIFT SPOILERS! If you are on my holiday list, and/or are the sort to moan about any sort of spoilers anywhere ever, please read no further - or do as you usually do and pretend you read my drivel while skimming for embarrassing photos.


Welcome to my regular irregular (in that I've never done one before) holiday gift series! Please note that I intentionally refer to this as a "holiday" gift list versus a "Christmas" one, since rampant greed favors no one religion - my membership in the First Church of Materialism, Reformed excepted.

Anywhoodle, it was brought to my attention on the Twitter last night that the holiday season is upon us, like, now. I know, I was blown away too. For those of us who do the present giving thing, this means there's only some forty days of shopping until Gift Game Day.

There are some of us - ahem - who tend to forget this is a limited timeframe until, say, December 23rd, when gift making decisions are based more on the availability of emergency one-day shipping than the awesomeness of the gift.

Readers, not this year. YES WE CAN. Or something similarly motivational. While I'm too realistic to strive for true Smug Mummy excellence here - you types who bought & painstakingly wrapped your gifts months ago when they were on sale, I'm (not) talking to you - but I do have a goal of ending the shopping by December 15th this year. OK, December 23rd. Yes we can?

Here's the Prettiest of what's around so far in the "friend / under $50 category":

Book Lovers:

Left: "Just Being Audrey"($17) / Right: "Sense & Sensibility" ($20) (Mildly Relevant Sidebar: Anthropologie is just killing it lately with their new books collection. Like, totally.)

I'd Rather Be Living in a Jane Austen Novel (Duh) (Also, yes, there's some obvious overlap with category #1 here) (Parentheses)

Left: "Emma" Embroidered Penguin Classics ($16) / Right: "Silhouette Cell Phone Case" ($42)


Left: "Pisa Luggage Tag" ($6.50) / Right: "Eiffel Tote" ($15 on sale) 

Do Gooders

Left: Kiva.org gift card / Right: ASPCA donation (conditional entirely on their ending those wretched Sarah Maclachlan ads, nevermind that they seem to be working here)

Darlings, any interest in other Pretty gift list categories - for tots & for Smug Husband types, perhaps? Friends, any objections to the gifts you weren't supposed to be looking at above? 


Mrs. Type A said...

how about mothers-in-law or sisters-in-law? LOVE the book lovers gifts :)

Green Goose said...

I enjoyed your holiday disclaimer and self abuse as much as your list! LOL

Check out Pinterest for fun gift brainstorming, there's a whole category there, broken down into prices too.

Merry Christmas! Don't sweat it too much. xo

Ziem said...

Melissa & Doug puzzles!

The Shabby Princess said...

I am firmly in the gift shopping a la December 23rd camp, but, that is neither here or there.

Those Jane Austen books--gorgeous! I love.

I will admit, however, I have ONE gift complete: I bought my niece a hardback cover of all Jane Austen's work. I'll be awaiting my Aunt of The Year Award in form of Pippa bags and fancy shoes. (doubt the niece will provide me with either of those, howevs)

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