Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving, Smug Mummy Style

Holiday shoppers, time is running out - don't forget to enter my giveaway of extreme awesometude here!


When are we hitting the road for Thanksgiving dinner again?

Why were the crazies already out at the grocery stores today, where I had to throw elbows to make it to the one remaining bag of candied walnuts? Who even wants "candied walnuts", which sounds more like a scandal at the nearby nursing home?

Who decided the stores needed to be decorating for Christmas already when OMG I haven't started even thinking about finding my comfy Thanksgiving expando-pants yet (Where, WHERE are they??? Can I credibly swing yoga pants instead???), let alone Christmas gifts?

Where did I hide the Pack n' Play this time, and can I find it before we leave? Before the turn of the century?

Is the family secretly expecting me to cook this year? If so, how do they feel about a festive Chik-Fil-A feast?

Do we HAVE to caravan with Anonymous Family Member who doesn't believe in bathroom breaks or giving riding the breaks a break at any time during the 3.5 hour drive?

Who's volunteering to babysit while I sneak out to see "The Muppets" movie?

Why can't I just focus on getting the wee preshus CEO ready for his Thanksgiving photos - holidays being but an excuse to play dress-up-your-toddler, after all - and forget the about the logistics and the candied yams and everything else?

Master P "helping" me make dinner.
Merry Thanksgiving to my American friends, and uh, happy third week in November to the rest of y'all.  I'll be off stuffing my Pretty face for the next day or few, but back soon with excess cellulite and more tot photos than you can shake your tailfeathers at.


Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Ah, Shake your tailfeather...that really got my day off to a good start!

Best wishes for safe travels, drama-less family and locating fashionable expandable pants.

Kwana said...

You and the family have a happy!

designchic said...

Love your "helper"...wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

The Mrs. said...

Have a good one! I have been in Nashville eating my way through town! Expando pants indeedy-doo!

Healthy Branscoms said...

I love your blog! :) I became a follower. Erin

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