Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Undomestic Goddess Confessions: Baking Edition

An irregular series in which I air my dirty domestic laundry - sometimes literally - in hope of . . . I'm not sure what, exactly, but it's likely one of two things: (1) publicly shaming myself into doing better wife- and mom-wise or (2) dragging y'all down with me into the anti-Martha morass.

Every once in a while I strive to live up to the stay-at-home-mom stereotype - which, according to a certain now Secretary of State, necessarily involves the baking of cookies. It's one of the things about this new job I've gravitated to; Lord help you if you're subjected to my cooking (or cleaning, or . . .uh, general care-taking . . .), but I do enjoy my times with my KitchenAid mixer. Plus, I never found a fattening hobby I didn't like, neveryoumind any thigh-embiggening Operation MILF concerns.

Struck by such a whim today, I took to my cookie sheets and threw together an old favorite recipe straight outta my fancypants (as in $3) recipe binder. *cue impressed nods from the hyper-organized Life Planner Mom Agenda of End Times crowd*.  Only problem is, when I get all domestic-like with the baking, my wee CEO goes about re-organizing the kitchen, e.g. the rest of the house goes to Hell in a (chic, obviously) handbasket:

The Tupperware cabinet is the one non-babyproofed drawer we've designated for Master P's enjoyment - but this isn't exactly what we had in mind.

Sure, these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies - recipe link below, BTW - are wildly tasty, but my kitchen time to date this week has included: one scorched toddler hand, and at least 3 ginormous messes I've had to clean as a result. My takeaway is that kitchen duties are obviously best left to others & tend to take time away from important things like repeat "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" viewings.

OK, I realize that precisely none of you are here for my baking expertise - why exactly are you bothering to read this again? However, for the sake of making sure y'all get your winter lard layer at the same rate I do, I direct you to where I posted the recipe lo these 3 years (!) ago. They're good, pinky swear - even Madam Secretary would approve. Today's result:

Master P no longer eats so much as he forcefully shovels food (or toys, or toiletries...) into his trap.
The Pretty Pug following us around the house, searching for cookie crumbs.


Chas said...

Oh dear, he is all boy! I love the pic of him IN the cabinet. I did some baking today, obligatory blog post coming this weekend.

Jessica Hudson said...

I can't stop laughing. It's just like a scene from our kitchen. The cleanliness of our Tupperware is definitely questionable after all the times it's been pulled out, pushed around the floor and then put back in the cupboard. I'll have to check out the cookie recipe!

Danielle said...

Seeing Master P "shovel" the food into his mouth reminds me of my youngest who will literally scream if the bite I'm feeding him isn't big enough. Help me Rhonda, my food bill is going to be astronomical in a few years!

Carly Anne said...

Ah, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. A favorite of mine.

Also, I use the fact that I am a wild, creative and downright amazing cook as a scapegoat for a disastrous kitchen. I recommend it.

LPC said...

Oh my god he is so cute. My daughter used to do this to our kitchen all the time. And the sorting that would happen later in life, and the making of coasters into little families. Ah. Memories.

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