Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toddlers + Texas Nachos = A Good Weekend

We're back safe & sound from that fried food fiesta that is the Texas State Fair, a few pounds heavier and absolutely none the wiser. I came, I saw (unfortunately, in regards to the Texas/OU game), I consumed my body weight in Texas-shaped nachos.*

*Mildly Relevant Sidebar: Does any other state feature chips in shape of itself? If not, why not? The center of the universe mindset - er, reality - that is Texas never ceases to delight. Texas (nachos) forever.

In between vitally important tailgating stints, we did some non-football related socializing as well, a task we're still learning how to do while on the road with Master P. It dawned on us this weekend that there are three predictable rules to paying social visits with your toddler in tow:

Rule 1 - You will arrive late. (Subtitle: "Leaving the House with Tot Takes 20 More Minutes Than You Think It Should")

Rule 2 - You will leave early. (Subtitle: "Disregard the Feeding/Nap Schedule at Your Peril")

Rule 3 - There will be tears - either from your tot who bonks his head on the wine fridge while you try desperately to converse with your hosts while also keeping an eye on said tot, or from you as you feel the guilt of missing his swan dive because you just wanted one minute of uninterrupted grown-up talk time gaaaaaah, run-on sentence, etc.

This weekend included the following toddler logistical delights, all in the same morning: one professional photography session with Master P and his darling 3-month-old cousin, followed by a brunch on the opposite side of town with friends & their not-yet-walking infant (and their immaculate, non-baby-proofed house reflecting said non-walking). This was all to occur in 2.5 hours before Master P's mid-day nap.

As usual, we will pause for the seasoned parents in the crowd to cackle at my naivete. I know, I know - but it couldn't be avoided. Any chance I might distract you from your mockery with a winsome Master P shot?

2 missed naps, one agonizing football game, and two looooong car rides later, he's home and clearly well. I, however, am still in recovery mode, if only from the effort involved in getting my 15-month-old to sit still in the same photo - ok, the same photo studio - as my newborn niece. 

It's taken me, oh, 15 months to come to this realization, but - there comes a time as a young(-ish)(very -ish)(parentheses) parent when you have to set some of your Type A scheduling instincts aside and get on with the business of life, friend & family visits very much included. The nice bit is, the older Master P gets, the easier it is to pull some of this off. The Rule of Three will inevitably apply, but those occasional tears shed and naps missed all work out eventually - unlike that Texas game.


Belle on Heels said...

hmmm...i've never seen virginia-shaped nachos, but i do have a virginia-shaped cookie cutter. does that count?

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Ah fun with toddlers. It gets even more fun when you take them to an activity that should be fun for them AND Chick Fil A, which is kindly rewarded with 40 minutes of non-stop screaming on the ride home. Not that I know anything about that.

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

I find 3 to be the magic age when travel becomes enjoyable again. The nap schedule is not so rigid, and while my kids couldn't miss days worth of naps, missing one or two was not a harbinger of doom. My kids also potty-trained around 3.5ish, and so while I usually had a bag of extra clothes packed in the car, there was not 800 lbs of accoutrements loaded in a diaper bag hanging from my shoulder, and even if they aren't potty trained by then, they aren't pooping every three minutes and the shoulder bag load is still a bit lighter. My youngest is two--only another 9 months--good times ahead!

Samma said...

He is too stinking cute. . .sorry I am unable to comment more than that, because Master P's adorableness has made me lose the ability to think straight!

Carly Anne said...

I lived in Texas upon a time. There are Texas-shaped everything. It's sort of disturbing.

Emily said...

You were in my neck of the woods this weekend! I've never really considered that other states don't have their own state shaped chips. My highly distinguished palate thinks those are the best tortilla chips.

Master P is precious!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Umm how do I get a "M" shaped nacho?? Now that sounds like something I could get on board with...

Sometimes I push BG a bit too much on the no napping thing because I do still want to have a life. I pay for that always. I have found that the older she gets, the more "go with the flowish" she becomes. Finally. Of course then she has to pass out hard somewhere. Fun.

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